7 Aug 2013

Red & White: Part 7

Maybe I have lost touch with my own country.

Perhaps I've been away for so long, I forgot the reasons I liked my homeland.

Maybe not. I've been here long enough to come up with reasons not to like my homeland. That's partly why I left in the first place.

I mean, as fantastic as this country is for her excellent progress within quite a short timespan, and her ability to make her mark on the world several times, she's still too small for big dreams. 

Still pretty conservative mindsets in several areas. Still afraid to take certain risks. Still very reluctant to let go of her children's hands and let them play. And we wonder why we don't have that many people willing to push boundaries and lend more weight to Singapore's name.

"...what are you mumbling about?"


"I can hear you rambling behind the door. Again."

"Shoo. None of your business, Sis."



Do I really hate Singapore that much?

I mean, it's not like I'm completely traitorous. I still identify myself as a Singaporean. I still tell my colleagues back there about my country, about the multi-cultural, multi-racial society we have. I tell them about the attractions and popular events we have there, about the fun Singlish lingo we sorta invented, about the achievements Singaporeans have achieved like NEWater...

But I don't exactly encourage people to go there either, let alone live there. It's still not a place I think I see myself spending a lot of my time in, if I want to chase my dreams and live my ideal life.

Man, why am I thinking so much about this???


"Huh? Who texted me..."

yo, dun 4get abt the reunion! 4pm @ clarke quay, meet @ bungee 1st

Oh right, the reunion!

Ah, all this stupid philosophising can wait. I should be enjoying myself during my time here...