6 Aug 2013

Red & White: Part 6

"Aaaaaaiiiiiyyyoooooo how are yooouuuu??? Haven't seen you for soooooo looong!"

"I'm good, thanks aunty."

"Good, good! You like your job there?"

"Yeah, it's a great job!"

"Good, good! If you're happy, I'm happ— eeeeehhh heeeelloooooooo! Haven't seen you for sooo long toooo!"

Phew. Got some time and space for myself. Yesterday Mom treated me to a buffet at home, and now she brings us to this restaurant for dinner. Does she think I have a bottomless pit in my stomach?

Hang on... are they playing National Day songs in here??? Oh come on, this isn't like Chinese New Year or Christmas! I don't see any National Day decorations here, so why's the music on?

"Hey Bro, you look a bit irritated. Why, cannot stand the suuuuuuuuuuper looooooooving and caaaaaring aunty?"

"No, I'm just wondering why they had to play this song here, in a restaurant like this?"

"Huh? Big deal meh? Song is song what, if not got no background music what!"

"No, I mean why they had to use a National Day theme song."

"What else? National Day's coming. What's wrong with using a National Day theme song when National Day's approaching?"

"Sis, it's not like we're having a Parade in this restaurant itself. And some of these songs are really bad."

"So? It's just to get into the patriotic mood. You're right, we're not having an NDP or some similar party here. And there are some songs that I find bad too. That doesn't mean we can't listen to the good songs anywhere we go, whenever we want."

"Oh please, do you listen to Christmas songs in June? Or Chinese New Year songs in September?"

"Bro, there's a difference. We can listen to these songs whenever and wherever, because they remind us of Singapore, of why we love her, and why we should give back to our homeland. Maybe that's something you need to understand."


"Aiyah Bro, don't need to argue about small things like this, let's go sit down at the table there."


...something I need to understand?