6 Aug 2013

Red & White: Part 5

yo wassup!!!

eh ur back already?

wat u mean "already"? my flight damn long leh

like nearly 20 hrs

wah so long ah

ya lor

haha u not sian on the flight meh

got my own entertainment of course

books, music player, game console, etc.

orh... so how's life been there?

ah... quite hectic


yah... super tight work schedule, sometimes come back on sundays even

but i dun mind la

its a job that i asked for, and its something i like doing

ok lor, as long as u have passion in it

its both the passion and the $$$

both of which i cant get enough of here

haha yeah thats the sad truth

oh yeah u guys having class reunion or something this week?


i was going to talk about that

i tot u won't come back so soon so i didnt tell u

but its on wed 4 onwards

oh where?

dunno, havent confirm yet

but prob at some club or something

oh i think should be free

ok ill tell the rest of the guys ur coming

then ill inform u later abt the venue

k thx

going off for lunch now

talk to you later


k bye