5 Aug 2013

Red & White: Part 4


What the heck?!? Who's in my apartme–

Oh right. I'm back in bedroom. I forgot. It's almost like I never left the bed back there.

"Oi Bro, Mom already said it's dinner time."

"Yeah, hold on."

Wow, I can smell it from here!

"Ahh, you're awake. Come come, I cooked this especially for you! I know you miss the food here!"

Holy crap! Why's there so much – oh. She told her, didn't she.

"Thanks Mom. That's really... a lot."

"I know! I thought it must be really hard to find your favourite food back there, so I made this to "pay back" to your stomach! Hahaha!"

Oh wow. Chicken curry... chicken rice... steamed fish... steamed egg... herbal soup... she could feed half of Singapore with this.

"Thanks... hey, where's Dad?"

"Oh, he went downstairs to buy Toto numbers."

"Hmm? He's still into Toto and 4D?"

"Aiyah, you know your father lah, he always believes he was blessed with good luck and fortune. Ever since he won first and second prize years ago, he keeps believing he has a 'special eye' that can detect special winning numbers. But you see, 90 percent of the time he's wrong, and the remaining 10 percent he's won consolation prizes!"

"Then why not tell him to stop?"

"Never mind lah Bro, Dad only puts such small amounts like $10, and he only buys once a week. And he doesn't like to gamble at the casinos, he complains about the noise and smoke."


"So honey, how's the food?"

"Oh... it's delicious!"

My stomach's about to explode. Help.

"Ah that's good! Want some more extras? I have more back in the fridge!"

"Oh it's okay! No need, thanks!"

Seriously, no need. Any more and my gut will pop like a balloon.

"And you?"

"Orh, I also quite full already. Save the rest for Dad!"

"Aiyoh, you so skinny, you should eat more!"

"Haaaah? What skinny? I'm as slim as you are! And I don't want to get fat!"

"I'm skinny because I'm old, but young girls like you should have more flesh! Otherwise you'll be like a walking skeleton!"

"Aiyah Mom, you're exaggerating! And you, don't laugh!"

Crap, was my smile that obvious? Hehe.