5 Aug 2013

Red & White: Part 3


Oh my goodness Sis... do you not feel embarrassment at all?!?

"Er... hi Sis."

Just smile and wave... smile and wave. I've already got more attention than I need.

"Waaaaah, you look so tired! It's afternoon leh, why you so sleepy???"

"Aiyoh, Sis, it's like 3 am back there. Normally I'd be fast asleep now... *yawn*"

"Okay lah, go back then rest."

"Eh... where's Mom and Dad?"

"Oh, they said went to meet up with ex-colleagues. They ask me to fetch you home."

"Ah? You sure you can drive?"

"...you've asked me that for like five times already. I've gotten my driving license years ago. I'm not a noob, you know!"

"Sure. Just try not to run over anybody... *yawn*"


"Anyway how come they let you use their car?"

"Their car? Excuse me, we're using my car!"

"Huh? How come they so nice, go and buy car for you?"

"Oi! I bought it for myself! Have you forgotten? My job's pay isn't that horrible, you know!"

"Then how come you didn't show me any pictures?"

"I did. I emailed them to you."

"Oh. It might have ended up in the spam."

"Screw you."

"Heck no, we're siblings!"

"...let's just get home. Sounds like you really need your sleep."

"Pfft, you got that right... *yawn*"

"You look like a really fat hippo when you do that!"

"Shut up."