20 Aug 2013

Random Questions

I'll just leave a whole slew of questions like notes on a cork board here. I may come back to them later, or you can ponder over the questions yourself and try to answer them. Maybe treat them like General Paper questions. Whatever the case, I don't want the questions to just die away in my head because they seem worth thinking about. So here:

It is pretty much common sense that science can help to boost the arts, e.g. by providing new production techniques and platforms, or by providing propagation tools to increase exposure. But how can the arts help the sciences in return?

Is algebra hardly more than just a stepping stone for improving analytical/logical skills?

Why do some stereotypes seem to persist, despite lots of attempts to debunk the stereotypes?

Are we part of a simulated universe like The Matrix?

Women versus men: will this comparison ever end?

Where will social media and technology head next?

Is death a necessary part of the human experience?

Does romantic love have to be strictly between a man and a woman? Or even with a human partner at all?

Do we need people to play more games? What effects are being overlooked from playing games?

Are economic pursuits really worth pursuing?

Will we be citizens of the world in the future, rather than merely citizens of our own countries?

Are you crazy? Am I mad? Who are the insane people?

Will I ever bother answering these questions???