25 Aug 2013

The Night


Nobody around me. Only the sounds of the wind whispering and mumbling to itself.

I don't remember the bench being this hard. Might be the recent hot days.

That lamp post really should be fixed soon. The light's barely glowing.

20 Aug 2013

Random Questions

I'll just leave a whole slew of questions like notes on a cork board here. I may come back to them later, or you can ponder over the questions yourself and try to answer them. Maybe treat them like General Paper questions. Whatever the case, I don't want the questions to just die away in my head because they seem worth thinking about. So here:

It is pretty much common sense that science can help to boost the arts, e.g. by providing new production techniques and platforms, or by providing propagation tools to increase exposure. But how can the arts help the sciences in return?

Is algebra hardly more than just a stepping stone for improving analytical/logical skills?

Why do some stereotypes seem to persist, despite lots of attempts to debunk the stereotypes?

18 Aug 2013

Watcha Doing?

This sounds a bit weird to say on a personal blog, but I don't want to always keep talking about myself.

You're right in guessing that my life is currently not wildly interesting enough for me to share about. Also I don't exactly have a good enough memory to reminisce about my personal past. I barely remember anything of significance from my days in primary school and earlier, and I feel like I'm currently losing my memories of my other school days too.

But it's more than just that.

11 Aug 2013

Red & White: End

"Mom, don't worry. I'll be fine. I'll see you again for Chinese New Year!"

"Haaii... how come this week flew by so fast?"

"Mom, it's okay. Time will fly again, and before long you'll be picking me up from the airport again."

"Yah! Bro will be fine! This isn't his first trip there, you know."

"Sigh... Darling, just be safe, and don't do anything stupid!"

"Alright, Mom. Dad, take care of the family, okay?"

"Haiyoh, why you suddenly sound so serious? You don't have to worry either! We can manage."

"...you're right. So... see you."


9 Aug 2013

Red & White: Part 10

"Hey Sis, wanna go down and get a snack?"

"Er... sure. Mom, Dad, we're going down, okay?"

"Hah? Why? Stay lah, got nice beds, got big TV screen, can still take photos from here!"

"Aiyah, we don't have much to do in this hotel room other than that. Fireworks over already, we might as well walk around, right?"

"...okay lah okay lah. Just don't fool around at the club–"

"Mom, it's way too crowded at the clubs now. We won't be able to enter anyway!"

"Just remember to come back up here!"

"Got it. Bro, let's go."


Red & White: Part 9

"We're leaving in an hour's time!"


Gaaaah... had a bit too much to drink last night... the headache's clearing up a bit though.


Hmm? Who's that online?

"Hey there! Thought I could pop in here online while you're around!"

"Oh hi! Aren't you supposed to be sleeping around this time?"

"Nah, I can hang around for a few more hours. So I heard you went to a party yesterday?"

7 Aug 2013

Red & White: Part 8

"...and then I was like, 'Cannot be so bad la', then he was like, 'Seriously! I hear already nearly made my ears bleed!' So he linked me to the video..."

Am I really no longer a "true" Singaporean?

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god, I had the same reaction! I was like, 'Some people actually approved this???' It was so unbelievable!"

I was born in Singapore, and my citizenship is technically Singaporean, but I don't feel like I belong here as much as I did last time...

"...my mom asked me, 'Eh, they ran out of ideas for the chorus, is it? How come no words?' Then my dad said, 'Don't need words lah, nowadays these youngsters listen to all these pop songs, always got a lot of EH or WHOA or YEAH or UH, dunno meh? They think like that can get all the young kids to like the song mah.' And then..."

I only feel comfortable coming back here as more of a tourist, than as a child coming back home.

Red & White: Part 7

Maybe I have lost touch with my own country.

Perhaps I've been away for so long, I forgot the reasons I liked my homeland.

Maybe not. I've been here long enough to come up with reasons not to like my homeland. That's partly why I left in the first place.

I mean, as fantastic as this country is for her excellent progress within quite a short timespan, and her ability to make her mark on the world several times, she's still too small for big dreams. 

Still pretty conservative mindsets in several areas. Still afraid to take certain risks. Still very reluctant to let go of her children's hands and let them play. And we wonder why we don't have that many people willing to push boundaries and lend more weight to Singapore's name.

6 Aug 2013

Red & White: Part 6

"Aaaaaaiiiiiyyyoooooo how are yooouuuu??? Haven't seen you for soooooo looong!"

"I'm good, thanks aunty."

"Good, good! You like your job there?"

"Yeah, it's a great job!"

"Good, good! If you're happy, I'm happ— eeeeehhh heeeelloooooooo! Haven't seen you for sooo long toooo!"

Phew. Got some time and space for myself. Yesterday Mom treated me to a buffet at home, and now she brings us to this restaurant for dinner. Does she think I have a bottomless pit in my stomach?

Red & White: Part 5

yo wassup!!!

eh ur back already?

wat u mean "already"? my flight damn long leh

like nearly 20 hrs

wah so long ah

ya lor

haha u not sian on the flight meh

got my own entertainment of course

books, music player, game console, etc.

orh... so how's life been there?

5 Aug 2013

Red & White: Part 4


What the heck?!? Who's in my apartme–

Oh right. I'm back in bedroom. I forgot. It's almost like I never left the bed back there.

"Oi Bro, Mom already said it's dinner time."

"Yeah, hold on."

Wow, I can smell it from here!

"Ahh, you're awake. Come come, I cooked this especially for you! I know you miss the food here!"

Holy crap! Why's there so much – oh. She told her, didn't she.

Red & White: Part 3


Oh my goodness Sis... do you not feel embarrassment at all?!?

"Er... hi Sis."

Just smile and wave... smile and wave. I've already got more attention than I need.

"Waaaaah, you look so tired! It's afternoon leh, why you so sleepy???"

"Aiyoh, Sis, it's like 3 am back there. Normally I'd be fast asleep now... *yawn*"

"Okay lah, go back then rest."

"Eh... where's Mom and Dad?"

4 Aug 2013

Red & White: Part 2

"...some refreshments, sir?"

"...huh? Wha?"

"Would you like some refreshments, sir?"

"Oh. Yeah, sure. You've got apple juice?"

"Yes sir. Just a moment... here you go, sir."


Mmm... how long has it been already? I didn't even realise I fell asleep. Probably too excited the night before.

Eh... this apple juice's okay, I guess. I've had better. At least my mouth's not a dry desert any more.

Red & White: Part 1

"We're sorry, but the number you've dialled is currently unavailable. If you like, please leave the message after the tone." 



"...hello? Yeah it's me. Just wanna tell you that I'm at the airport terminal right now. It's kinda packed right now. I guess a lot of people also want to go back home around this time too.

"Anyway, I'm stuck because the flight's been delayed for quite a while, dunno why. It's been an hour already, and we're still unable to board. Ah well, more time for me to shop around here for stuff that you'll probably yell at me for not buying back. Seriously, how many perfume brands do you need?

1 Aug 2013

Past Entry 25

August 1st 2012

As always, I'm reminded by just how unforgiving time can be, prohibiting people from using do-overs and having to live with their mistakes until the end. From the month of one emperor to the month of another, my time here in school is running out.

So currently I'm doing this entry while in school, I guess as a way to soak in all of the atmosphere around me while I still have the chance. This spot right outside the Hullett Memorial Library is pretty conducive for things like this, getting nice breezes of fresh air while perhaps drawing inspiration from the greenery. I wonder how many people actually read the old framed-up newspaper articles on the walls here? Appropriately enough it reinforces the idea of time flying like a rocket when we don't want it to...