15 Jun 2013

Past Entry 24

15 June 2012

Oh my goodness. That was one intense piano recital I just had.

A video camera with a red light aimed at me as I played while the examiner scribbled things down from time to time, occasionally looking up to me with a stern cold look. That certainly didn't help me with the hands-doing-weird-things-for-no-reason problem.

Well I'm done with this at least. If I fail I'll guess I'll try again next year, sad to say. If I pass however, that leads to another question... now what? What else should I aim for now? Because I think at this point it's probably safe to assume I wouldn't be doing much physical activity during my NS stint after that medical check-up, I'd also assume that would leave me time to pursue other stuff during the two years. 

So I thought maybe I should try working on composition and theory now. I DO have a grade 8 theory qualification that's equivalent to the prerequisite for LMusTCL... but then seeing the exam format makes me wonder if I'd be taking quite a big leap from grade 8. Then I wonder what other things I could be doing... and realise there's not much. 

So what should I be doing then? Learn something new like HTML5? Redevelop music theory knowledge and composition skills? Read ahead on topics I may study in university? It's such a bother to me that the two years of NS could have been devoted to further productive activities had it not been used up for involuntary stuff that puts males at a disadvantage here. Yet if given the time I'd have no idea how to maximise potential use of that time. So frustrating!

Then again I really shouldn't be complaining about free time, since there'll be other guys out there with MUCH LESS free time than I'll have already been granted. I should even be grateful I get any free time at all. 

Maybe I shouldn't fret too much about using the free time to my advantage as much as possible. I guess it's acceptable to waste some of that time just doing nothing, ignorant to the hustling pace of the world around me, without pressure from anybody. 

By the time this post comes out, I *better* have planned out something. Even just some goals I can aim for that could help me out in the long run, and yet wouldn't take too much effort within the week. Anything that's productive and yet not too taxing on me. That'd be quite a search in itself...

(Still no idea on how I performed today :/ )