26 May 2013

Two Years Of Our Time

(Maybe I should have started doing this earlier, because most of those who I know care about this have already booked in back at their respective camps...)

Alright. I read that commentary in today's Sunday Times, regarding National Service. Yes, that one talking about ways to help our servicemen feel more appreciated during the mandatory service we have to complete. Somehow I feel obligated to comment on this. It won't be easy, knowing I could step on quite a few toes if I'm careless, and put myself under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Then again it seems that MINDEF is becoming more receptive to suggestions and opinions. The topic of NS has – at least to me – popped up in parliamentary sessions and newspaper forums (technically fora but that sounds kinda weird) more frequently in recent times, without invoking any wrath from the powers that be. It's Probably partly due to submitters of STOMP that have the ability to blow up any uniformed personnel's actions to non-proportionate levels, whether said actions are good or bad.

Apart from that hot topic of ensuring soldiers' safety during training, another issue has come up regarding the fact that the newer generation of soldiers are asking for more from their service. And it's no longer merely a problem of the allowance. Not many of us Gen Y/YZ/Z guys like to do things without reason or meaning anymore, myself included. (I really don't like that Gen Whatever label though.)

The newer generations of soldiers who ORD'ed consist of people who tend to toss about words and phrases like "sian", "boring", "brain rot" and "ill-fitting vocational job", to describe their experience across the two years. Of course they'll follow up with "necessary", "deterrent", "protect our peace" and "ensure our vulnerable country's survival": we all recognise that we cannot do away with NS completely.

19 May 2013

Just Clearing My Mind Here

This is how I imagine it:

I wake up from my bed. The sky's still a dim blue.

I grab the remote from the bedside cabinet and switch on the TV, while I head to the bathroom to freshen up. The morning news today, fortunately, has delivered more positive content than negative. 

I take the hotel key card, close the door (ah what the heck, I'll let the housekeeper tidy things this time) and take the lift down. Time for a scrumptious continental breakfast.

Alright, back in the room with a fuller stomach and a freshened mind. Grab my laptop, equipment, and other necessities. I'm outta here.

12 May 2013


¡↔+'& _]â@Ü _]$_ â'& ╩[â_/ %↔♣/_]â@○ $*↔+_ ♣↔_]/[%, %â@~/ â_'% ♣↔_]/['% &$¡ _↔&$¡.

¡↔+'& */ ¨$[_↕¡ ╩[↔@○.

â'♣ @↔_ ♣↔_âÛ$_/& _↔ ~↔♣/ +¨ ╩â_] %↔♣/_]â@○ @â~/ $@& &â○/%_â*↕/ ©↔[ ¡↔+ _↔ [/$& ]/[/.

%↔ â@%_/$& â'↕↕ ○âÛ/ ¡↔+ %↔♣/_]â@○ _]$_'% [/↕$_âÛ/↕¡ ♣/&â↔~[/ $@& â@~↔♣¨[/]/@%â*↕/.

5 May 2013

Why No Face?

I thought I might as well address a trivial question that has been asked to me more than a few times: 

Why do I use variations of the Facebook silhouette as my profile picture?

The most immediate reason is that I don't want to use my actual face. And why do I not want to use my actual face, even though there are photos online that have me in them that I'm tagged to? Of course this isn't merely just maintaining anonymity. I know I'm not completely anonymous mostly because of my ties on Facebook. 

Rather, it's firstly because I don't want EVERYONE who comes across my social media pages and other related sites to know what I look like so easily. I don't want to get so easily recognised by strangers on the street just because they've seen my profile and like what I put up online. At least let me accomplish greater achievements under the more public spotlight before I deserve that degree of recognition!