28 Apr 2013

He Waits For The Bus

He waits for the bus.

The world's just beginning to stir from its slumber, so it's still mostly quiet. Just how he'll like it to be for the rest of the day. Too bad he never has his way with that.

The bus wheezes a little as it slows down in front of him. The transparent plastic doors swing open, waiting to swallow the next victims. He sighs and gets on board. Fleeing from the jaws won't help his situation any further.

He gazes outside the cold window as the beast of metal and plastic continues searching for more morning tidbits. He used to be able to see details of the people and cars moving along, and the static scenery zipping by. Now it's merely just a blur of dark colours to his eyes.

21 Apr 2013

An Impossible And Probably Ineffective Dialogue

You're just getting ridiculous. And testing my patience.

Normally I'd just think that you're like that, and that's the way things are. End. But now more and more, I really wonder if you're as unbiased as you claim to be. Or at least your fans claim to be.

For so long you've been teasing me with golden apples, only to snatch them away from my line of sight at the last few moments, and throw them into the raging seas. I initially just attributed that to your playful nature, and did nothing. Besides you also "played" with other people like this too. And sometimes, you'd give me a few pieces of silver fruit instead, which isn't too bad.

Now though, even the silver fruit are barely seen at all. I really wonder, are you running short on your supply, or are you just being stingy towards me? Or are you going to throw that "you've got to work it to earn it" line at me again? Because I know it's irrelevant in this case.

14 Apr 2013

Sounds of Singapore

I've had this idea floating in my head for quite a while now. There's been lots of debate and discussion over each year's National Day song(s) for Singapore, in recent years. "Why the melody so weird?" "Lyrics so forgettable leh!" "Aiyo very hard to sing!" "Don't even have the word 'Singapore' in it! ...okay lah, actually got, but still only like one or two times only!" "Eee the lyrics so lame!" "This hardly describes Singapore at all!"

So I've been thinking: what if we just shift the emphasis away from lyrics altogether?

I'm not saying just come up with a National Day composition without any singing at all. I won't mess with tradition! Instead this is an idea that I've considered doing for quite a while, but never really found enough time or motivation to do it yet. In essence, I may want to make a collection of music that might better summarize what Singapore means to us. Not really songs, but more like soundscapes: sounds that are commonly associated with Singapore, weaved together in a musical way.

7 Apr 2013

Time Out

Perhaps falling into a deep slumber wouldn't be so bad after all.

I used to think that it'd totally suck if I fell into some super long coma where I would be out for months or even years. And that's totally logical thinking. Who'd want to spend so much time being unable to move or eat or drink or walk around and spend time with friends or play games or whatever? There's so much out there to do if I had the choice. 

Life was, and still is, buzzing about out there, not waiting for me to dive in and experience the wonders. The waking life, at least. But I think I've grown more and more weary of the downsides of this waking life.