31 Mar 2013


This is a world that I saw. A world of beauty, of joy, of knowledge.

This world looked and felt so spectacular. Well, not too completely different from the world I'm in. Streaks of familiarity still exist, but a lot is vastly improved. At least improved in my opinion.

The level of technology there has surpassed ours by miles. They have succeeded in perfect resource management: no wastage, and unlimited production of material goods. The free flow of ideas is no longer under oppression of corporations solely focused on profits. Diseases were no longer a problem at all, and cures for new viruses/bacteria were immediately developed. Intercommunication technology has never been more powerful.

Nobody has been left behind in this world's pursuit of progress. Poverty has been eradicated. Education is now globally accessible across all classes. Learning opportunities are ample and varied. Sanitation, stability, security, housing, welfare, life expectancy... these were problems of the past for them. 

People here are way more open-minded, no longer as stubborn in their opinions. Philosophical debates are not as uncommon. Discussions went about in a very organised manner. Meanwhile, people are much more free to explore and create. Many more sandbox environments had been established, giving the next generation of creators and pioneers great places to experiment without risk. 

Culture has flourished a lot. Older traditions coexist with fresh new trends. Art has pushed boundaries even further, in terms of public accessibility, media, and concepts explored. Generational gaps in technology and culture are much more easily bridged. Not unusual to see grandparents, parents and children actively engaged in games or outings together anymore.

Oh it was such a marvelous sight. Cities bustled with commoners that didn't have to worry about financial or health problems. Imagination and reality have become much more blurred. Crime was nothing more than a tiny annoying speck of dust drifting in society. Instead, mutual cooperation has become ridiculously integrated into everyday life across the world. No matter the demographic, everyone was a potential creator. Science no longer clashed with ethics. Religions took on much less aggressive forms and adapted to the more liberal minds of the world. 

And I felt so heartbroken that I had to leave this world. I couldn't stay in that world, for I did not belong there. 

At least not yet.