31 Mar 2013


This is a world that I saw. A world of beauty, of joy, of knowledge.

This world looked and felt so spectacular. Well, not too completely different from the world I'm in. Streaks of familiarity still exist, but a lot is vastly improved. At least improved in my opinion.

The level of technology there has surpassed ours by miles. They have succeeded in perfect resource management: no wastage, and unlimited production of material goods. The free flow of ideas is no longer under oppression of corporations solely focused on profits. Diseases were no longer a problem at all, and cures for new viruses/bacteria were immediately developed. Intercommunication technology has never been more powerful.

24 Mar 2013


I should finish this drink soon, I remember I have something to attend to afterwards... a meeting, I think. I'll come back another time to enjoy the rest that this coffee shop has to offer.

Was this place always this cold? I mean, I do like the coolness of the air here, but today seems unusually chilly. The jacket I'm wearing seems to do little. Now where am I supposed to head to... wait, what do I mean "where am I supposed to head to"? I know where I'm supposed to go! It's just along this winding alley here. Geez, I've taken this path for months already.

Oh wait, I remember now. Some silly appointment with a client complaining about some trivial problems. Even on a Saturday I can't rest. Well given the profession I've landed myself in, it can't be helped...

18 Mar 2013

A Celebration Turned Into A Rant

Had quite a bit of fun today. Well not technically today since it's already like past midnight, but it was a few hours ago.

St Patrick's Day was celebrated along a small portion of Boat Quay, and the presence of green and clovers was more than noticeable. My dad and I came along to see the usual beer-drinking and merrymaking being formalised into a properly organised event for the first time here. 

We got more than what we came for. We also happened to chance upon Baracuda Batucada, the energetic group of percussionists from Ngee Ann Polytechnic that drummed out infectious arrangements of rhythms and sounds. Needless to say they gathered quite a few crowds, and got many listeners bouncing to the beat. That itself was already pretty enjoyable to watch. 

On more than a few occasions, a few adventurous people who just couldn't contain their bodies anymore decided to spontaneously break out into dance in front of the performers, who clearly didn't mind. In fact it just strengthened the performer-audience rapport, and showed evidence that music can still reach out to people even without the presence of a melody.

It was a nice scene: the listeners were at least smiling if they didn't dare to answer the urge to dance, and the performers were doing what they did best with genuine joy. All this happened on a bridge that illuminated boats glided underneath, surrounded by various buildings that housed some of the finest in outdoor or indoor dining and entertainment. The air was cool and breezy. The energy level was high.

10 Mar 2013

Follow Your Heart

"Follow your heart. Don't cave in to peer pressure or society's preconceptions."

That's a recurring idea in many of the talks I attended across a few various university Open House events. The speakers aren't wrong: it's hard to put in the required effort to succeed in a field, when you're not really passionate about the subject at all. And if you graduate and go into a related job, you won't enjoy your job enough to do your best either, instead compromising both yourself and the industry concerned. It's generally agreed that pursuing one's dream will be to the interest of the majority. 

I think this rising mindset is partly to do with the fact that the younger generations, including myself, have been more exposed to childhood movies. And not just any kind of childhood movies, but those that liked to express the idea that following your heart is a recommended path, even if it means a path with more resistance or risk. We know that one protagonist who was heavily discouraged from straying from the safe path set out for them, only to defy such pressure and truly shine in the role that he/she really belonged to. Like that one girl who would be a highly qualified doctor given her excellent academic performance, but instead went to take on her true love of singing on stage. Or that guy who was to have continued the family line of baseball superstars, only to deviate and take up the "less manly" role of dancing. (Actually I've no idea if such movies were made, but if not, I thought of them first!)

3 Mar 2013

A Bit Lost

This month's going to be one heck of a month, being loaded with such heavy decisions.

'A' Levels results get released, and BANG! Open House events at the local universities spring up. I've been to two so far, and though I've narrowed some of the choices provided, the remainder of choices left are still quite a lot. And I haven't seen the remaining schools I could apply to yet. 

I'm not completely clueless as to what I want to pursue, but I haven't been able to pinpoint to sufficiently specific fields yet. Ridiculously demanding things like law are definitely out, of course, but I don't feel that much closer to forming a feasible plan for university. I really have no idea why I don't have any strong inclination towards any particular path...