11 Feb 2013

Water Snake

Whoops, got a little carried away relaxing over the break! No matter, a day late isn't too much of a deal here.

So what to fill this blank slate with tonight? I can't say too much about the CNY stuff, because this year's celebrations are considerably mellow compared to last year's. Might be partly to do with the fact that the dragon has left the building in favour of the snake. Might be partly due to the horrid rain too. I have no idea when was the last time it rained on the start of a Lunar New Year. We did still have some fun, just maybe not as exciting as before. Simple conversations, exchange of greetings and oranges, lion dance performances, they were still there. Games, not so much.

Speaking about the rain, it seems to have wreaked havoc all over the island, especially in low-lying areas. Those online pictures of flooded coffee shops and campuses are just a few of the many testaments of the impact. Certainly must have caused some problems for school orientation events and pre-CNY gatherings...

As the second day of festivities dies down, we all brace for impact as we prepare to plunge back into the workweek. At least there's an extra day of buffer to ease the transition, and there's three working days in this week. But work is still work. Talking about work... working military life has been... um... frankly I haven't really been doing much working yet. My position for the next two years still seems uncertain, and I'd probably only know for sure on Wednesday. Though I do have some hope that I end up where I know I'll be totally comfortable in.

Now that I think about it, I haven't even counted the money collected from the red packets yet. Ah well, it isn't too much of a big deal how much I got... but just to satisfy my curiosity I'll probably do the counting later!

Meanwhile I'll probably stay in the less buzzing parts of the Internet for now... the web's abuzz with the shocking resignation of a certain figure at the moment...