2 Feb 2013

19/19 Complete

At last, the roughly 4-week programme has been done with. And I've been tasked with the instruction to report to an even further location on Monday. Seems I really can't have things my way in the army.

It wasn't all gloom and doom though. The last week was mostly one big social networking session, with the added distraction of preparing skits. "Hey can you add me on Facebook? Then you can send me game requests!" "Do you use WhatsApp? I add you to my group!" "Follow me on Twitter okay?" Of course there was the important administrative stuff behind the scenes, including which recruits go where to do what.

So can I say for sure that the past four weeks were enjoyable and productive? Frankly, no. If it were under my control, I might have put those four weeks to better use. Or I might have wasted those weeks just like how I might waste the remainder of the two years. But I can say that I've learned a few important tidbits during that time, and made a few new acquaintances that I could possibly rely on.

What next? I'm not sure either. All I know is that I have to report in the morning. Where this will lead me to, I haven't a clue. And even knowing that, I still wouldn't be certain of what to do with the free time I'd get.

And will I still be in touch with the people I've shared the BMT experience with? I suppose. It's kind of my habit to be in the know with regards to a large group of people (in this case, my platoon I guess), but keep a smaller set of companions closer to me. But how long can I keep this up?

Oh and I do know that some of my other friends will be enlisted soon as well. Good luck to them! They'll certainly need it.

For now, I just need all the recuperation I can get out of the remainder of the weekend...