24 Feb 2013

Sweet(s) Destruction

I'm trying really hard not to fall back on talking about the monotonous routine in my life, and how I'm still not fully comfortable with the circumstances I've been thrust into to deal with for 20+ months. 

So I'll avoid that.

Instead I thought of discussing a particular game that has mysteriously swept across the nation, captivating players that are mostly above the intended target age group. A game that is sugar-coated with cute colourful art and a sort of underlying plot, but possesses interesting game mechanics that have helped in holding a firmer grip on fans.

Yes, it's Candy Crush Saga.

17 Feb 2013


I still think all this feels a bit weird.

I know it's been more than a month since enlistment, and more than a week since my deployment, but I've yet to settle in. And it's not just because I've absolutely never held a job before. I can't get used to the people around me just yet. It's not completely the fault of their personalities and characteristics. It's just me.

But I'll give it time. I have to, because I'm pretty certain I'll be stuck there for the rest of NS. I need to adjust soon, and make the remainder of the two years as painless as possible.

11 Feb 2013

Water Snake

Whoops, got a little carried away relaxing over the break! No matter, a day late isn't too much of a deal here.

So what to fill this blank slate with tonight? I can't say too much about the CNY stuff, because this year's celebrations are considerably mellow compared to last year's. Might be partly to do with the fact that the dragon has left the building in favour of the snake. Might be partly due to the horrid rain too. I have no idea when was the last time it rained on the start of a Lunar New Year. We did still have some fun, just maybe not as exciting as before. Simple conversations, exchange of greetings and oranges, lion dance performances, they were still there. Games, not so much.

Speaking about the rain, it seems to have wreaked havoc all over the island, especially in low-lying areas. Those online pictures of flooded coffee shops and campuses are just a few of the many testaments of the impact. Certainly must have caused some problems for school orientation events and pre-CNY gatherings...

2 Feb 2013

19/19 Complete

At last, the roughly 4-week programme has been done with. And I've been tasked with the instruction to report to an even further location on Monday. Seems I really can't have things my way in the army.

It wasn't all gloom and doom though. The last week was mostly one big social networking session, with the added distraction of preparing skits. "Hey can you add me on Facebook? Then you can send me game requests!" "Do you use WhatsApp? I add you to my group!" "Follow me on Twitter okay?" Of course there was the important administrative stuff behind the scenes, including which recruits go where to do what.

So can I say for sure that the past four weeks were enjoyable and productive? Frankly, no. If it were under my control, I might have put those four weeks to better use. Or I might have wasted those weeks just like how I might waste the remainder of the two years. But I can say that I've learned a few important tidbits during that time, and made a few new acquaintances that I could possibly rely on.