5 Jan 2013

Next Phase

So my first post of 2013 isn't on the first of January. Big whoop. I wasn't too bothered with keeping on time this year.

But here we are. This blog site is officially in 2013. And with that also comes what I expect to be some interesting future content ahead.

No doubt the significant changes in my life, e.g. actually working a full-time job, will influence what I'll post here. There'll be new things to learn, new quirks and glitches to be encountered, and possibly new people to talk about. Then again... I did spend two years with (almost) the same people too, and I hardly mention them even while protecting their identity. So, it'd most probably be just general rants and thoughts, except now I'd complain less about school and more about work. And that sounds just like what a typical average adult will do. I think.

Apart from that, I may or may not decide to include new types of content here. I thought of starting a separate blog site for that purpose, but I'm not too sure about trying to maintain more than one blog on a regular basis. We'll see as time goes by.

I've always been nervous about big personal changes. The thought of something unknown and unpreventable is uncomfortable to me. And I hate that I have to deal with such changes throughout my life no matter what. I'd much rather live a nice life, not a completely stress-free one, but one where I can toggle an on/off switch and have better control over the surprises that may come. I know that a life without much change is incredibly boring, but a life that constantly experiences flux isn't ideal either.

One of these days I'll have near full control of my life at last...

In the meantime I have no choice but to accept the fact that I've only slightly more than 48 hours left until that. -.-