27 Jan 2013

14/19 Complete

I guess I could say that things went more or less smoothly the past week. Amazingly I didn't screw anything up in a major way.

I anticipate that the next week will be one filled with mixed emotions. The delivery of certain news, the eventual splitting of the company, the ceremony on the final day, all of these in one week. How do I feel about the BMT ending soon? Partly ecstatic, partly bummed. It's freedom from one place, only to be "caged" in another. Quote marks are there because it isn't that horrible of a workplace, but restrictions still apply.

Of course I didn't take away absolutely nothing from my experience in BMT so far. Firstly, regardless of PES status(excluding F), discipline and cooperation are to be expected, with good reason. Military operations can fall apart if any personnel fail to work together tightly. Even if it's "just a desk job", things can go horribly wrong. This could be extended beyond military life though. Just about any part of your life can fall apart without self-maintained order.

Secondly, all actions have consequences, some of which can bite back at you. Seems like an obvious fact, but apparently not everyone in the company had fully realised that midway through the BMT. I wouldn't say that we should never commit ourselves to selfish acts, but at least consider the innocent third parties that may get adversely affected.

Thirdly, not everything is what they initially seem to be. I already know that, but periodically I get reminded throughout BMT again. Life is complex. People are complex. We shouldn't hold on to the idea that we can understand a person/situation completely from first impressions alone. Then again it's quite hard to fight survival instinct.

There are many other little tidbits of generally applicable knowledge that I picked up along the way, but they don't seem to be worth dwelling on here. Bottom line is, I didn't go away empty-handed, even when disregarding the job-specific information.

So no, BMT wasn't a total waste of time. And I never thought that it would be in the first place. I had already expected to come out of this at least a little better in some way than I was before enlistment. It's just that I wasn't entirely sure in what way I'll improve. Frankly I don't feel any more seasoned in general military knowledge now compared to the first day. But I'm certainly more aware about respecting and reacting to others.

Now it's a matter of waiting it out for the final week. Roll along with things. Learn. Appreciate. Discover. It won't be long before I get thrust into another part of the "real world out there".

"Have you ever wondered why we must serve? Because we love our land, and we want it to be free, to be free..."