27 Jan 2013

From Dragon to Snake

You know what? I think it's time to deviate away in content for a little bit, even if it means two posts on the same day. I don't want to just blog about my time in national service!

I guess it'll be convenient to touch on Chinese New Year festivities, since it's coming up shortly in two weeks. The first ever public holiday of 2013 after New Year's Day! Most superstitious Chinese don't really treat this as a good time for romance and baby-making though. After the big boom in the previous year of the Dragon, the upcoming year of the Snake would expect to see dips in births. Still that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the ushering in of a new lunar year. Fresh starts are always welcome.

Though this time, I think the celebrations with the family members may be more muted. The thrill and novelty of family reunions seem to be running thin. In fact it might make for a more enjoyable celebration if we went outdoors going sight-seeing, taking in the festive sights and sounds, especially on the eve of the first day.

14/19 Complete

I guess I could say that things went more or less smoothly the past week. Amazingly I didn't screw anything up in a major way.

I anticipate that the next week will be one filled with mixed emotions. The delivery of certain news, the eventual splitting of the company, the ceremony on the final day, all of these in one week. How do I feel about the BMT ending soon? Partly ecstatic, partly bummed. It's freedom from one place, only to be "caged" in another. Quote marks are there because it isn't that horrible of a workplace, but restrictions still apply.

Of course I didn't take away absolutely nothing from my experience in BMT so far. Firstly, regardless of PES status(excluding F), discipline and cooperation are to be expected, with good reason. Military operations can fall apart if any personnel fail to work together tightly. Even if it's "just a desk job", things can go horribly wrong. This could be extended beyond military life though. Just about any part of your life can fall apart without self-maintained order.

20 Jan 2013

9/19 Complete

Honestly I still feel like a horrible misfit in the army. Just that perhaps after crossing the halfway point of the BMT, I feel slightly less of a misfit. Not as lost as before, but nonetheless wandering through unfamiliar forests.

It's pretty much a given that I'm very unsuitable to be on the field holding firearms. Now I'm starting to think I may not be able to handle clerk-related stuff as well as I may have initially thought. And that's why I'm all the more hoping I'd be successful in joining the MDC with my piano ability. It's something that I'm certainly decent at, and something that I wouldn't mind doing full time. I'd rather take piano keys over computer keys as my instrument of work in the remainder of the two years.

The problem is that even if I were sufficiently good at the piano to make it through, I still may not make the cut if somehow the higher-ups deem it a necessity for me to remain as a clerk, e.g. due to manpower shortage. Though I think the likelier case would be that I'd be more valuable as a performer... I hope.

13 Jan 2013

4/19 Complete

4 days gone, and I'm still sane. I think.

I still feel like this is some really really long dream that I've yet to wake up from, and that the moment I wake up I would realise that I never needed to take up NS after all. And I would go on with my day merrily, without worries.

I wish. 

But I'm already grateful that I've gotten a nicer, more lenient deal, being able to book out daily and not being subjected to hardcore training in the outdoors. 

And as wildly impulsive as it may sound, I threw my name into the list of applicants for the Music & Drama Company. It did sound crazy, knowing that I would have very likely been designated to a nearby base to work as an office clerk, and yet I thought of doing something that will take me to somewhere physically much further. However, would I rather do something that's unfamiliar and — well, frankly, sounds boring, or commit to something that I find both more in my territory and interesting, for roughly two years? 

Of course I'm not in for the "drama" bit. I'm quite rubbish at acting. Or being a cheerful and outgoing guy on stage. As for singing, I suppose I could keep in tune and not sound whiny. And occasionally provide vocal harmony. Maybe I could be a supporting singer???

5 Jan 2013

Next Phase

So my first post of 2013 isn't on the first of January. Big whoop. I wasn't too bothered with keeping on time this year.

But here we are. This blog site is officially in 2013. And with that also comes what I expect to be some interesting future content ahead.

No doubt the significant changes in my life, e.g. actually working a full-time job, will influence what I'll post here. There'll be new things to learn, new quirks and glitches to be encountered, and possibly new people to talk about. Then again... I did spend two years with (almost) the same people too, and I hardly mention them even while protecting their identity. So, it'd most probably be just general rants and thoughts, except now I'd complain less about school and more about work. And that sounds just like what a typical average adult will do. I think.