31 Dec 2012


Here I am, just a little more than six hours away from January 1st 2013 in my time zone.

It's really nothing more than a roll over onto the start of another year, but we see it as something much more meaningful and monumental. At the basic level, it's proof that we've survived another year without wiping everything out.

But what we more commonly talk about is how the first day of the new year signals the cleaning of some slate. It's as though the addition of one more day somehow presses a button, and suddenly you become pumped and ready for the challenges that await in 2013. And somehow all the grudges that you held up until the very last femtosecond of 2012 just magically vanish.

Honestly I find that a bit silly.

Not that there's anything wrong with gearing yourself up for 2013 or burying the hatchet on New Year's Day that I'm completely against. It's a good thing to do, to free yourself of negative dead weights in your life and brace yourself for unforeseeable obstacles. But does it have to wait until the year count increases by one?

We could have our own "fresh starts" whenever we want. Yet we're inclined to set this "fresh start" on the 1st of January, as though it only feels right when your turning point is aligned with that of the calendar's. Truth is the calendar isn't sentient, let alone bothered about whether you both set off at the same starting line.

I'm not complaining about the tradition of setting New Year's resolutions. They're good to set, because they give you some sense of direction in your life. What the problem is is that don't set every goal as your resolution. If you think it's very crucial that you get it done, e.g. it will improve your life drastically or greatly help out others in need, then don't put it off. Don't be like, "I really think I should quit smoking... I'll start in the New Year!", when you can already get going in the middle of the current year.

I know it's futile that I tell you this now, since we're nearing the edge of 2012. Then at least take this advice for 2013.

And that's the end of my little New Year's Eve rant.

Meanwhile I'm looking outside and feeling lucky that I didn't have to go outside for some countdown party this year, judging by the torrential downpour that's only lightened slightly.

And later I might come here again for another post... or before that, watch the livestream of the Ball Drop in NYC. Whichever seems more convenient to do first.