5 Dec 2012


So I've given a little bit more thought into this kinda insane plan to start out 13 original Christmas-related stories, posting them one on each day starting from 12 days from the holiday. On Christmas day itself I could tie them all together into some finale. I might just start on the first one afterwards... or tomorrow... or... later. I think.

Others are also making preparations right now, including those RI(JC) students that decided it worthwhile to attend an expensive and glamorous dinner event to enjoy last moments with friends. Searching for suits or dresses, arranging transport, hiring grooming services... it all adds up to that one night where they get to make their best physical impressions on onlookers.

Perhaps some are taking this thing too seriously, as though it's the last time they'd see each other again. Well sure it's the last time they'd be together as 17/18-year-olds still lingering in their post-exam euphoria, before they seemingly get shoved into another stage of adulthood. Still, it's not like the batch, let alone the class, can never ever meet up again in the future. We wouldn't be together as classmates anymore, but we can still keep in touch as peers. With many social channels like Facebook and Twitter, it's been easier than ever to maintain contact.

Meanwhile some are planning to go overseas for well-deserved breaks, and some have already gone to do so. And this year my family's actually planning to head over to Penang for a little R&R, which is pleasant because it's not too overly expensive but not a dull place to go to either. There'd be a mix of cultural immersion, hanging loose, and retail therapy. Whatever I'll do there, at least it'll take my mind off school... among other matters.

But before all of that, I better make sure to settle this series of stories fast, because I suspect I wouldn't be able to manually post them up over there. So it'd seem like a more suitable option to quickly do these in advance and schedule them to be published at a later date.

Oh and if you haven't noticed - which I'd find really hard to believe - this blog has undergone a few changes for the festive season. There's no denying that the Christmas fever is almost in full force already, with shopping malls blaring out familiar tunes, and trees adorned with ornaments springing out in public places. Though I've yet to see anybody dressed as Santa yet...