20 Dec 2012

Past Entry 18

28th December 2011

So yet another Christmas has zipped past for me. I'm getting really anxious and worried again. Not only because after this holiday will be school again, but also my last year in Raffles. Most of my memories so far have occurred within those compounds, although I think my memory's starting to fail me. 

After going through 2012, and assuming I do well enough to graduate from JC, I'll be declared an alumnus of RI. Well that was supposed to happen 2 years ago, before the merger happened, but that's a small technicality. And once I become an alumnus, I have no idea what's in store for me after that. Honestly I don't have much of a clue as to what to pursue in the future yet. I used to be so sure of what to study, what job to take etc, but with both pressure and unexpected obstacles taking their toll, I can't place much confidence in coming up with a good plan yet.

Perhaps I should be worrying about whether the world WILL end in 2012 or not first. If it does end then studying in a university and getting a good job would be out of the equation. I may not even get to know my 'A' Level results before Doomsday! And all my Past Entries beyond 2012 would be for naught, unless aliens come and chance upon this, which is incredibly bizarre and unlikely.

But if 2012 goes really smoothly and we get to see 2013 and later, I'll still be in a bad situation, transitioning from one uniform into another...

I really detest the idea of compulsory National Service, keyword being "compulsory". It may be easier to persuade those super-fit 18-year-old males to join the army, with a nice salary as an incentive. The rest of us non-fit people can still proceed to university or something and still be productive citizens, instead of atrophying in the army. I know some countries use a lottery to pick certain males to enlist, but that's probably even scarier to leave your fate to chance...

One thing at a time for now. 'A' Levels are of top priority at the moment. And when this post gets published, I'll have dealt with it, not knowing the outcome. I have no idea whether I'll be having a good or bad Christmas next. 

The stakes have never been higher... :(