7 Dec 2012

La Fin et le Début

Well I finally got started on this darn project that I set myself up for. And I decided to go in a slightly different direction.

I initially thought of doing 12 different stories, all of which will be tied together on Christmas Day. Then I felt that it'd be a bit too troublesome to make each one a story. So really now each of the twelve days before Christmas will have a chapter instead. That way I don't always have to give a small story. But everything will come together on Christmas Day still.

While that was going on, I also briefly checked in on the online Twitter feed. Apparently I chanced upon the #noir12 hashtag, where people's tweets would flash up on the "tweetboard" situated over there in real time. From what I gathered looking at the tweets, I thought that the people there were really... bored.

That's quite an unfair judgement though. Seeing from the photos that are being slapped onto Facebook even at this moment, there are people who genuinely had a great time at the event. It is nice to live in a moment where you get to shine, instead of sticking to the image of a drab average student that spends a lot of time burying his/her face in books and worksheets.

Even then I don't think I'd like to be there. Firstly, not much of it appears to be Film Noir in theme. The performances seem to be anything but that. Secondly, a lot of the activity there appears to be sitting, eating, drinking, walking around, chatting, and taking photos. It's just my opinion, but that sounds dull to me. And I could probably do all of that at a cheaper price.

The reunion events sound a bit more interesting though. Sure it may not be any different from the graduation dinner in that you would also be sitting, eating, drinking, walking, chatting, and taking photos. But because we'd be apart for quite some time, there'd be fresh content to talk about. And people may change in appearances still, which would make the photo taking even more interesting.

So I might want to attend a reunion thingy, like after 5 or 10 years.

I guess I should keep working on this Christmas story project afterwards. I don't want the whole thing to flop because I'm behind time!

Oh and to those going for ZoukOut, have fun!