16 Dec 2012

9 Days to Christmas

[Posted on December 16th]

Err... Hi. Sorry I haven't been writing more often on my blog. Life's been CRAZY. @_@

Christmas is coming soon, and I've been so busy preparing for the party on the eve! You know, the class party I keep stressing over. Of course I'm in charge of it because I'm the class monitor.

There was so much stuff still left to settle: the decorations, the food catering, the entertainment... I was almost on the verge of just cancelling the party because I thought I wouldn't be ready on time! 

But I knew I couldn't cancel it. This party was my final chance to meet him. I wanted the party to be as perfect as possible, so I could impress him.

I was so overwhelmed. What should I do? >.<

I would have just called it quits there and then... but this guy I met today helped convince me otherwise! 

No it's not him. He was almost as cute though! But I wasn't so sure if he was too old for me :P

I was looking around in the mall today, wondering what gifts to buy. And I was quite stuck. How would I know what each of my 29 classmates would want to get for Christmas? Makes me wonder why I even ended up as their class monitor if I don't even know my class that well...

I was browsing through the toy store for a while. LEGOs, card games, NERF guns... don't they seem too old for this kind of stuff??? -.-

I really just wanted to storm out of the mall and let someone else organise the party already.

Then I heard someone next to me. This young guy with white hair next to me probably saw my ugly face frowning from being so damn frustrated. He asked if I needed help. I didn't want to bother him that much, so I just said "No thanks."

I suck at lying. He could immediately tell, and asked whom I was finding gifts for. 

So I told him the truth. About how I'm stuck being in charge of a party even though I have had no experience in organising such a big event. About how I'm so ignorant that I don't even know what my friends in class like. About how I'm almost about to throw in the towel.

Yet he said he didn't believe me. 

I was just about to scream at him because I was honest, but he quickly continued by saying that I DEFINITELY know what my classmates would like to receive.

First thought: huh? 0.0 Is he tripping on something?

I think he read my facial expression again, because immediately after that he just smiled. Then he asked me to follow him to the café. 

Now I was wondering if this white-haired stranger was really helpful, or just a creep... but if it was the latter I would have been able to just run away and call for help in a crowded shopping mall like this, so at least there's a backup plan...

We really WERE going to the café. He asked me to sit down at a table, then took out a notepad and pen. "Try to write out as many things as you can about your best friend in your class first. I'll be back with drinks!"

I was like, okay this is getting weirder and weirder. Am I in kindergarten or something? But he seems to know something that would help me, so why the heck not? :/

So I was just thinking of everything I could write about my best friend. I know she is nice, and cares for others, and... er... huh. Does she like butterflies? I remember she had a bag with butterfly patterns on it... could I get something else with butterflies in the design?

Then the guy came back with two hot peppermint teas, which luckily I was fond of. He saw that I'd scribbled the thing about butterflies on the first page. "See? You've already thought of something to get one of your friends!"

Obviously I objected, saying "That barely helps because I still have 28 more to go and I don't know all of them as well!" Or something like that.

Still he asked me to try and continue with the rest. And I still humour him by actually doing just that.

I knew that sooner or later I'd get stuck on somebody very early on. And of course I did. But he kept pushing me on. "What things do you know he carries? Or what kind of people does he like to mingle with? These clues can help you out!" He went on and on with his prompts, which I thought were annoying at first...

...then I realised as I went through the class list, more ideas floated to the surface of my head. It was weird, like I was rediscovering my class all over again, as though I had only just met them on the first day of school. I felt ashamed for not bothering to pay more attention to my own classmates, but I also started feeling excited that I'm actually getting to know them better at last! Like how Derek liked talking about his character in this new online game, or how Sally always changed the hair clip she wore to school everyday, or how Jack likes to doodle spirals on his stuff...

Finally I managed to get some ideas for every single one of my 29 classmates. I kinda felt guilty for nearly using up the whole notepad though, but something tells me he didn't mind it anyway.

I was still worried though, because this mall doesn't have everything that I need.

Then the man took the notepad and pen. "I can help you out by giving you the good locations to go to for your missing gifts!"

Was this person for real? Why is he helping me, a troubled schoolgirl that he just bumped into, to such a large extent? Is he bored? Is he trying to undo bad karma in his life or something??? >.>

But hey, I wasn't complaining. :)

He passed the notepad back to me, with additional scribblings on the extra locations. 

"Thank you SO much! How could I thank you?"

He just got up and said there wasn't a need to, but he was having his own celebration on Christmas night at his place, and asked if I'd like to come.

Being the nice smart girl I am, I asked: "That's really nice, but how would I know it'd be safe for me to go alone? My parents would be highly paranoid of you!"

"It's really up to you to come. I promise I won't harm you in any way. And if that isn't enough, I've already written my contact details and address on the last page of that notepad."

I flipped through it. Sure enough his number, address and name were neatly printed on the page.

"So your name is Dominic?"

"That's correct. And what would yours be?"

"I'm Rebecca."

"It was a nice pleasure helping you out, Rebecca! Oh and that fellow of yours who you really like?"

"You mean (his name)?"

"Yeah. You really should just tell him the truth. If you're certain he's available for your taking, then take the chance. You wouldn't know if you'd get another opportunity to be together again, so make things clear to him."

"...yeah. I will."

"I hope to see you on Christmas, Rebecca!"

Then he took off to who knows where. I didn't bother to follow him.

He helped me a great deal. Not only did I get a huge part of my problems sorted out, but I also have the extra courage to confess to him that night. Dominic's right, I may not get another chance like this again, because this class will be split up next year. I'd rather feel a short moment of anguish due to rejection, than experience a lifetime knowing that I could have fulfilled my wish if I dared to come out to him.

And I think I should attend Dominic's party after that. It'd be a nice break from all this hectic business, plus I could find a present to give to him as a way to show my thanks...

Whether my parents would allow that is another matter altogether :/

This is Rebecca, signing off! :D