11 Dec 2012


No I don't mean the movie, I mean the posts milestone I've just attained!

How about that? I'm not boasting that I've managed to churn out 300 entries of pure gold, because frankly not all of them are like that. But if anything it could be an indication of my persistence and dedication to this site.

Then again many other bloggers would have already hit this number much earlier, due to their higher frequency of posting on their sites. So actually having 300 posts isn't too huge of a deal. If this blog somehow hits 1000 then I'd be qualified to make a bigger celebration out of the number of posts.

Actually I thought of putting this off until tomorrow, when the date will be a nice 12/12/12, but then I already had something planned on that date, and double posts will seem weird. That's why I'll do the 300th post today!

So what did I learn 300 posts later?

It's okay to go plain and simple, but sometimes a splash of colour may be needed to make things more interesting.

Stop trying to be like everyone else with their trend-chasing. It's fine to be yourself.

It's bloody hard to find a decent online embeddable widget that can play a playlist of music videos.

Not everything can be easily discussed on the Internet.

...but if it is something you feel must be touched on, tread extra carefully.

Maintaining a blog doesn't have to be for the sake of others. It can be just for yourself, fulfilling is basic function of serving as a personal outlet.

The future is too unpredictable. Highs and lows can come at any moment.

When these unpredictable moments come, embrace the good and deal with the bad.

And finally, there is still so much more to learn and experience from the journey ahead.

So what will this blog see in the next few hundred posts? I wouldn't expect too much drama happening here, but things could get more interesting from this point. And that starts with the Christmas story that's about to start quite soon. It's still a huge work in progress, and I'm barely halfway through it!

Perhaps I'll look into diversifying the content into more than just random ranting posts or little stories. But what exactly? Maybe some musical shenanigans???