30 Nov 2012

Past Entry 23

May 24 2012

Just wrote another message to myself today.

Well, that IS what I usually do for all these Past Entries already, but this time it was an instruction by our form teacher during lesson: she'd keep all these "messages to the future self" in sealed envelopes (assuming she wouldn't try to peek inside) and pass them all back when we're done with the 'A' Levels exams so we can read what we have to say to ourselves. After all, who knows us better than us? It'd be the most appropriate choice to make us congratulate and console ourselves, to let us see how much we've changed throughout the arduous journey in our academic pursuit. Even a few months can make a drastic difference.

But I thought that I've been doing these kind of messages to myself already, and if I do the same here it wouldn't be that much unique than for others, apart from the fact that the Past Entries are typed out and stored online, while this message is handwritten and preferably read in private. So I decided to take it a bit further...

I made mine a future message to the class

Yup. Frankly this seems pretty out of my nature for me to do something super extra special for even a friend, let alone an entire class and even some teachers included. Yet I did it for two reasons: 1) this may sound weird and narcissistic, but I'm kinda used to seeing encouragement from my past self...? 2) what the heck, we're no longer going to be together in school uniforms any more, no longer having to stick together in tutorials and lectures, no longer needing to cram through revision blitz through homework anymore. So why not at least give them a sign that I've done more than just acknowledged my classmates' and teachers' existence? Words of appreciation and concern at least.

The content of the message is still pretty fresh in my mind (and now I'm thinking of ways I could have written all of that better) but now I'm going to try to forget it... which should be easy over the course of a few months and considering the fact that I've just fresh come back home having watched The Avengers. And I spotted Stan Lee again, playing chess! 

It would be more fun to look at others' messages to themselves too, although I know it'd be quite an invasion of privacy and intimate moments of self-reflection. Still, anybody willing to divulge the contents of their messages would be welcome :P

I really wonder what the reaction of my classmates be after reading my message...