18 Nov 2012

More Spontaneous Rambling

It's close, but not quite near enough to "feel" it yet.

Just four more afternoon papers to go. I'm two thirds of the way there.

Sounds like a small thing to deal with, but that's not the case at all. Rather I think it's quite dangerous to start feeling all relaxed and end up compromising on studying too much. This ordeal's far from over. That's the reality. Doesn't mean I can't chill out a bit, just that I can't completely neglect this.

Still, I'm kinda glad I'm nearer to the end. It's satisfying to see the application of the accumulation of years of learning and studying, but I wish it didn't come with such heavy weight on the outcomes.

You know, I wish that after all this madness, I could just lie down on my bed, close my eyes, and just drift off into unconsciousness for one day. Like, just one entire day of not thinking of anything. I think my brain would want a break like this. The only problem is I don't think I could sleep for an entire 24 hours, no matter how tired I am. I wouldn't be too worried about missing out on the events that transpired on that day though. They seem trivial compared to the 'A' Levels.

Or maybe I could go out, sit down at a cafĂ© with a laptop, and just blog a lot. That sounds like another way to draw my mind away from academic stuff and towards other interesting thoughts. Plus I could do more things to improve this site further if I wanted.

Actually maybe I won't have to restrict it to just blogging. Maybe I could dabble with other stuff: perhaps a bit of flash fiction for fun, or fiddling around with musical thingies, or learning a bit of programming?

To sidetrack for a while, I had a thought about what the world would be like 50 years from now, assuming it does still exist and nobody's wiped out by doomsday events. Maybe we'd have discovered more ways of extending longevity, and finally reversed some effects from our polluting activities. Maybe technology would be so crazy awesome, allowing for things like 100 terabytes of storage space on ordinary home computers, or completely virtual computers even. Perhaps gaming would be ridiculously fast and immersive.

And instead of retired men going out to play golf and drink beer, they would instead go out to play video games and drink soda. Heck, maybe old folks' homes would even be filled with old people playing with the PlayStation 3 or the XBox 360. Imagine loads of elderly men and women duking it out on games like Call of Duty... :P

Oh well, just another idea to amuse myself before the next couple of papers...