26 Nov 2012

Looking Forward, Glancing Back

The transition is almost over. Just three more days and I'm done.

No longer will I have to don a school uniform ever again. I will for the first time actually start working next year.

Is it exciting? Not terribly, knowing that office work can get boring, but at least it's better than what I could have ended up doing instead that would be much worse. Is it scary? I guess it'll feel kinda bumpy getting to adjust to the changes, but it's not totally intimidating. Besides there are reasons that discourage me from being stuck as a JC student for any longer.

Meanwhile I know that currently a significant portion of RI JC students have one event on their minds: the graduation night. Set to a "noir" theme and supposedly the best way to celebrate surpassing the 12 years of education. I've mentioned earlier that I'm definitely not going for an event that pressurises students into spending lavishly on looks and cosmetics just to try to impress others like a peacock flaunting its tail feathers. The batch nominations for Mr/Ms whoever it is aren't such a big deal either. I wouldn't remember who would be voted as a great dancer or a funny clown or a charming person, and I wouldn't need to remember anyway. 

Well maybe I'd be curious about whether the so-called best dancer does end up doing anything dance-related as a career, or whether the class clown goes out to become a world-class stand-up comedian, or whether the Prom King actually ends up having success in romance. But that'd be too much effort to monitor each winner's progress throughout life.

Also, perhaps I'd do something crazy for this Christmas. The last time it was a short story on Christmas Eve, but maybe I'd bring that up a few notches. I was planning to start a countdown to Christmas starting from 12 days away, and for each day I put up an original short story. I'm just hoping I won't cause a sudden anti-climax on Christmas Day itself with a lousy tale. Maybe I could tie in the main characters from all the previous stories into the finale? That sounds ambitious! 

But it'd be something that'd keep me occupied and help in practising my story-writing. And it'd pressure me to think of new ideas quickly, which itself is a skill that can be applied in other fields. So it's not all totally counter-productive. 

Well I'll see how things go. Can't assume that nothing unexpected will happen in the next few weeks. 

In the meantime I just have the two papers to deal with. I wish I could say that I'd miss wearing the uniform and would dearly appreciate the last moments I'll have with it in those two days, but I still don't like wearing long pants too often. 

Spending the last few days I get to be in school though... that's something more precious and valuable that is more worthy of appreciation.