4 Nov 2012

Almost Free

I just want to get lost after these blasted exams.

Maybe not physically, because that could cause problems when I go missing and cannot be found.

I mean more of getting my mind lost. Set it free for a bit. Put it back in discovery mode. Let it wander around, with no pressure to hardwire exam-crucial information into my head for quite a while. 

I just want to learn new things, doesn't have to be skills, can be snippets of interesting information that may or may not be related to what I've learnt already. Perhaps I'll be able to comprehend the meaning / usefulness of past ideas better, or extend what I know into fresh new concepts. That's what I prefer: seeing old things in new lights, and even discover new things altogether.

Honestly it's exhausting to keep repeating and repeating and repeating the same knowledge in my head. Right now I'm not learning, I'm just preparing myself to impress the examiners, who are somehow always the mental images of old people with failing eyesight desperately marking scripts in front of a fireplace to keep warm in the harsh winter somewhere in the UK. Do our teachers actually go there to take a look and know how they do the marking? 

Anyway, being exam-smart isn't going to take me that far through the rest of my life. Unless I end up doing something education-related (which itself is a close zero probability), the skills adopted are limited in use in other areas. Reading carefully, answering clearly, having balanced arguments, thinking outside the box... sure they are good general skills, but they aren't specific to areas of interest that I may want to pursue in.

Of course this will have to wait. Priorities.

But when I'm done, I'll get back to my discovery and experimentation mode. Probably. It would be a nice breather from the stale revision going on...