30 Nov 2012

Past Entry 23

May 24 2012

Just wrote another message to myself today.

Well, that IS what I usually do for all these Past Entries already, but this time it was an instruction by our form teacher during lesson: she'd keep all these "messages to the future self" in sealed envelopes (assuming she wouldn't try to peek inside) and pass them all back when we're done with the 'A' Levels exams so we can read what we have to say to ourselves. After all, who knows us better than us? It'd be the most appropriate choice to make us congratulate and console ourselves, to let us see how much we've changed throughout the arduous journey in our academic pursuit. Even a few months can make a drastic difference.

But I thought that I've been doing these kind of messages to myself already, and if I do the same here it wouldn't be that much unique than for others, apart from the fact that the Past Entries are typed out and stored online, while this message is handwritten and preferably read in private. So I decided to take it a bit further...

28 Nov 2012

Past Entry 17

December 11 2011

Finally I've been able to observe a lunar eclipse! Last night the sky around my area was fortunately cloudless, which allowed my dad and I to observe the event clearly. He even got to take photos of the moon as we stood near one of the state land plots beside the Compass Point shopping mall. Turns out the whole phenomenon stretched for more than a few hours, so it turned out to be quite a neck-straining and leg-tiring experience staring at the pale scarlet disc above our heads.

Definitely a much better experience than the first lunar eclipse of 2011. That was sometime in June when I wrote one of the Past Entries (I think the 12th Entry) while waiting to go out with my dad to the Singapore Science Centre. There was a movie-screening event held there as public member anticipated the start of the eclipse. Unlike last night, the first lunar eclipse was supposed to be observable during the wee hours of the morning, about 1am onwards if I recall. 

26 Nov 2012

Looking Forward, Glancing Back

The transition is almost over. Just three more days and I'm done.

No longer will I have to don a school uniform ever again. I will for the first time actually start working next year.

Is it exciting? Not terribly, knowing that office work can get boring, but at least it's better than what I could have ended up doing instead that would be much worse. Is it scary? I guess it'll feel kinda bumpy getting to adjust to the changes, but it's not totally intimidating. Besides there are reasons that discourage me from being stuck as a JC student for any longer.

Meanwhile I know that currently a significant portion of RI JC students have one event on their minds: the graduation night. Set to a "noir" theme and supposedly the best way to celebrate surpassing the 12 years of education. I've mentioned earlier that I'm definitely not going for an event that pressurises students into spending lavishly on looks and cosmetics just to try to impress others like a peacock flaunting its tail feathers. The batch nominations for Mr/Ms whoever it is aren't such a big deal either. I wouldn't remember who would be voted as a great dancer or a funny clown or a charming person, and I wouldn't need to remember anyway. 

Well maybe I'd be curious about whether the so-called best dancer does end up doing anything dance-related as a career, or whether the class clown goes out to become a world-class stand-up comedian, or whether the Prom King actually ends up having success in romance. But that'd be too much effort to monitor each winner's progress throughout life.

18 Nov 2012

More Spontaneous Rambling

It's close, but not quite near enough to "feel" it yet.

Just four more afternoon papers to go. I'm two thirds of the way there.

Sounds like a small thing to deal with, but that's not the case at all. Rather I think it's quite dangerous to start feeling all relaxed and end up compromising on studying too much. This ordeal's far from over. That's the reality. Doesn't mean I can't chill out a bit, just that I can't completely neglect this.

Still, I'm kinda glad I'm nearer to the end. It's satisfying to see the application of the accumulation of years of learning and studying, but I wish it didn't come with such heavy weight on the outcomes.

12 Nov 2012

We now interrupt the examinations for a brief rant

I'm at the first pit stop of this demanding race. This was never meant to be a continuous marathon, but still the rest is more than welcome.

"Oh but shouldn't you take this time you're given to revise for the other exams?" Hold your horses. I of course will do that. For now I rest. I still have three days before the next paper.

But for now I can bid farewell to Maths and GP... well it's more like sending it away for a while on a vacation because it's inevitable I'll meet both again in some form. These are the topics that seem more or less indispensable to many people of various occupations. 

4 Nov 2012

Almost Free

I just want to get lost after these blasted exams.

Maybe not physically, because that could cause problems when I go missing and cannot be found.

I mean more of getting my mind lost. Set it free for a bit. Put it back in discovery mode. Let it wander around, with no pressure to hardwire exam-crucial information into my head for quite a while. 

I just want to learn new things, doesn't have to be skills, can be snippets of interesting information that may or may not be related to what I've learnt already. Perhaps I'll be able to comprehend the meaning / usefulness of past ideas better, or extend what I know into fresh new concepts. That's what I prefer: seeing old things in new lights, and even discover new things altogether.