30 Sep 2012

The Lady In White

Ah, mon cher. I was afraid you'd be late. Still as beautiful as always.

Why don't you come out like this more often? It's such a pity I don't get to see you dressed like this all the time. Let your radiance show! I certainly don't mind. 

I'm not sure why, but you like to keep toying with me. Just when I'm having the most out of our pleasurable meeting, you slip away again into hiding. On some nights you don't even turn up at all. Why is that? Are you afraid of something or someone? 

Still the quiet type I see. And you're quite hard to read. Why are you so tight-lipped? Are you so paranoid of spilling any secrets? No matter, I'm not here to get you to divulge anything, just simply want your company.
Isn't it lovely outside? The stars are so beautiful, like little gems embedded in dark felt. Yet those diamonds out there cannot match your natural brilliance. You're the main protagonist next to all of these supporting cast members. It's amazing how you flaunt your perfection so effortlessly! There are people out there who are jealous of your gifts... in a non-malicious way of course.

What have you been doing the whole time I haven't seen you? Surely it must get lonely wherever you were hiding, with nobody to see you. Or is that what you want? I couldn't imagine that to be your intention at all. Are there important duties you have to uphold? I wouldn't mind if you invited me to your place sometime, it must be grand beyond my wildest dreams... of course if you don't want me to intrude your privacy then I won't force you.

It certainly must be annoying of me to keep asking for personal information about you... frankly I can't help it. A lot of people can't help it. You leave many unanswered questions that our curiosity aches to resolve. You possess a certain je nais se quoi, drawing all kinds of admirers in like moths to a flame.  In a way, you are like one of Mother Nature's Mona Lisas, concealing something behind that faint smile of yours.

Are you concerned about those "blemishes" of yours so much that you hide yourself so often? Oh mon cher, don't you worry about it. Those so-called "blemishes" of yours only serve to enhance your overall beauty... they're not a hindrance at all. I'd rather you don't cover them up with your veil like you occasionally do. Flawlessness and perfection aren't always the same, n'cest-ce pas?

Again I'm curious, do you treat other admirers like this too? Do you also respond to their efforts of appraisal and acquaintanceship with silence and nonchalance? I've seen literary works, musical compositions, paintings, and so much more... do you even acknowledge their tributes to you? I could imagine being disappointed in their shoes if I don't even get noticed by you... then again I'd also imagine that none of them would expect to receive anything in return from you and be content with that. 

Although it is true I first fell in love with you for your beauty alone, I've come to realise that we may have more in common that I initially thought. I too have started to feel more and more distant from this world. The urge in me to just fly away unseen and spectate this world from afar is growing. It must be fascinating to watch other people go about their usual routines, unaware of a watchful pair of eyes above them. It must also be liberating to just step out of the world unseen, being temporarily free from the hustle and bustle of the world. Then when I realise I'm precisely one of those people stuck in my own monotonous routines I can't help but let out a defeated sigh.

Oh, is it almost morning already? Time really does slip by when one is enjoying oneself... c'est la vie. I do wish you could stay a bit longer, but I understand how selfish that would be of me. Before we part, do promise me that you'll show off your face a bit more, alright? Trust me, a lot of people adore you more than you can imagine.

Bon voyage, mon cher.