30 Sep 2012

The Lady In White

Ah, mon cher. I was afraid you'd be late. Still as beautiful as always.

Why don't you come out like this more often? It's such a pity I don't get to see you dressed like this all the time. Let your radiance show! I certainly don't mind. 

I'm not sure why, but you like to keep toying with me. Just when I'm having the most out of our pleasurable meeting, you slip away again into hiding. On some nights you don't even turn up at all. Why is that? Are you afraid of something or someone? 

Still the quiet type I see. And you're quite hard to read. Why are you so tight-lipped? Are you so paranoid of spilling any secrets? No matter, I'm not here to get you to divulge anything, just simply want your company.

24 Sep 2012


"Wake up son! Today's the big day!"


"Don't you remember? It's your birthday! You know what that means?"

"mmmhm... I get a cake?"

"That's right! I left it on the table! It's your favourite type of cheesecake!"

"But I don't even like chee–"

"No time to waste! Quickly get changed, we can't take a birthday family picture with you in your pajamas! Hup-hup!"

She seems unusually excited... what's going on?


16 Sep 2012

Why Do I Blog?

I've already told people on why I started this blog. In fact it's even spelled out neatly in the "About Me & This Blog" section. But just in case you're not viewing this post on site, or somehow you can't access that section, here's a brief overview: I fractured my ankle 4 years ago, and ended up homebound for quite a bit, not being able to move around much. Out of boredom I thought I might as well set up a personal blog to satisfy said boredom, and also because I seemed behind the social trends as seen by the other blogs set up by personal acquaintances years before. 

Admittedly things came out a bit clumsy for a while, because I had no clear clue on what to blog about. Blogs I've seen talk about personal events, some showcasing personal photos of themselves with friends at events, some talk about their secret crushes in school or complain about strict teachers and their homework loads. I think I tried too hard to imitate them, and eventually decided to just – well, go along with it. Just whatever comes to mind really, because there really is no reason to force myself to meet audience demands by moulding every single post, like how a pop music producer forces himself to go with tried-and-tested formulae when crafting songs. 

2 Sep 2012

Writing A Blog Post

I arrive at the main Blogger site.

I check in a bit on how the blog statistics have changed: number of views, sources, where readers come from and what browsers they used (unfortunately a majority still used Internet Explorer), and if I'm lucky, whether people have left a blog post.

Then I decide whether I feel like posting something up. Hmm... "yeah, I don't want people to think this blog is dead", or "there's this idea in my head I want to get out before it dies!!!", or "somebody's saying something stupid/clever on the Internet, let me acknowledge and explain his or her stupidity/genius".

So here I am, with the post editor open, its blank white canvas tempting me to fill in something. So I try...