25 Aug 2012




.ereh revO

...where are you?

 !uoy ot txen thgir m'I .ekas ssendoog rof hO

...but there's nobody around me at the mome— oh. 
?lla ta em eciton uoy t'ndiD .yllaniF

Well how would I know a mysterious voice would come from you of all people? Anyway why do you want to speak to me of all times now?

...tnemom siht ta tnatropmi gnihtyna gniod eb ot mees t'nod uoY ?won tneinevnocni taht ti sI ?ton yhW

Oh fine. Not that I need some alone time while I still can before I plunge much deeper into the exam revision mode.

!noitasrevnoc siht evah dluohs ew erom eht llA !uoy ma I esuaceb ,emit enola si sihT ?tuoba gniklat uoy era tahW

Yeah yeah yeah. Well what do you want to talk about then?

?skeew wef tsap siht ot pu neeb uoy evah tahw ...wonk t'nod I hO

Really? You just said you are me, shouldn't you know what I've been doing? This dialogue/monologue is useless...

!elihw a etiuq rof em htiw drow a dah t'nevah uoY !pu sgniht mraw ot gniyrt m'I !em esucxe lleW

Since you pestered me so much just to get my attention, you obviously have something important to say. So spill it.

.sthguoht ruoy nethgiarts yllaer dluohs uoy kniht I .eniF

...that's it? I thought you were going to reveal the secret to immortality, or leak secret plans for a doomsday weapon I'm supposed to stop.

.nur gnol eht ni tuo pleh dluoc tuo dnim ruoy gnitroS .ylthgil os ecivda ym taert t'noD .ahaH

There. "Long run". Not useful for getting me guaranteed straight A's for the exams, huh? And I suppose you'll tell me that love makes the world go round? Or is it money?

.sucof erom uoy niag dna snoitcartsid esoht ecuder dluoc daeh ruoy ni stonk emos gnilgnatnU .rehtie seiduts ruoy ni gnipleh t'nera taht srettam rehto yb detcartsid gnitteg er'uoy llet nac I ,kooL

Well what makes you so certain I need that sorting out that you prescribed? Why do I need it?

.uoy fo esuaceb ereh m'I yned t'nac uoY ?hguone foorp ecneserp ym t'nsI .ereh m'I


!gnieb-llew ruoy ni tseretni detsev nwo ym evah I ?sselesu dna modnar tsuj si kniht uoy taht gnihtemos uoy llet I dluow yhw dnA

As if you hadn't made me think of random useless stuff before! 


All right. I'll take time to sort out my head a bit. I guess that could remove some mental obstacles in my preparation for the examinations.

.netfo erom siht od dluohs yllaer eW .gniht erom eno dna hO

And risk looking mad talking to nobody? What for? Do you want me to look insane?

.nwod gnikaerb morf — su dna — uoy tneverp ot tnaw I ,daeha efil ni segnellahc retaerg eht nevig ,yrartnoc eht nO

Great. Now I'm making myself paranoid. Listen, I can't deal with too much of this nonsense for too long... when I'm done with this 'A' Levels, we'll have another chat. Probably.




Whatever. I can deal with my own problems without you at the moment. 


Now where did I put those notes? I'm sure they were here a moment ago... oh wait I've already done those! Which topic to do next... do-do-do-do...