25 Aug 2012




.ereh revO

...where are you?

 !uoy ot txen thgir m'I .ekas ssendoog rof hO

...but there's nobody around me at the mome— oh. 

23 Aug 2012

Past Entry 22

March 23rd 2012

Alright! The third out of three Entries I've generated in one day. That's a new record for me! Why have I decided to let this post publish at this date? Because this is also around another important time of the rest of this year: the preparation for the big boss battle at the end that could be a life-changer. 

I've just had a "talk" with my own self from an even further future, whose short-term fate is pretty dependent on the actions that I take at this point in time. The self from the even further future is emerging out of NS (hopefully) and about to (again hopefully) go into a preferred university to study preferred courses and pursue preferred diplomas/degrees. And the choice that he makes will depend on what he's eligible for, which is in turn affected by how well I'll do in the boss battle here. I've reassured myself just how damn important this final year is, and am reminding myself again here as an extra motivational boost.

20 Aug 2012

A Night of Excess

"So... are you going for Grad Night?"

Such a trivial question, that demands a simple answer, and yet weirdly enough bears unnecessary weight on the answer. Well I can safely say that my answer is no.

Don't immediately take this as a case of sour grapes though. While it's true that I didn't go for the Secondary 4 batch dinner, I do not hold any biased unfounded grudges against the content of the programme. I just simply didn't feel like going, that's all. It's also true that I'm not someone who typically goes for events like this and joins in the inevitable conga line on the dance floor, or fights to get into photos that'd be uploaded onto Facebook later.

There are a few reasons why I don't want to go for this graduation night event. The first is that is SO. DAMN. EXPENSIVE. $85 is ridiculous, and that's already the lowered price! Well some may say that being together with your friends in your most glamorous form while celebrating your triumph over the last 2 years of JC might be priceless, but I personally think it's a little too much. Not all students of RI(JC) are affluent enough to afford to go for such overhyped events.

12 Aug 2012

What Does Your Heart Beat For?

The first time I heard that question, I immediately thought about the blood rushing through the many vessels in my body, enriching parts of my body with oxygen and nutrients while transporting away waste... then I realised it's a figurative question. Silly me.

That's the divine question posed to us by our school as part of National Day celebrations, the message being to feel proud of our country, as well as the school itself.  So of course the ideal answer to what my heart beats for is supposed to be Singapore and/or Raffles.

I'd like to say that, but that doesn't completely encompass what else my heart beats for.

9 Aug 2012

Past Entry 19

9 February 2012 (...well almost 10 February :P )

No particular reason why I'm doing this now, other than I'm running out of Past Entries at the moment. 

J1s are kinda fresh out of their orientation honeymooning period, feeling really fired up and ready to take on new challenges...sort of. I overheard 2 J1s saying they were extremely sleepy during all the lectures. Pretty soon they're gonna be zombies again, and that could happen even before Project Work unleashes its energy-sapping fangs.

Timetable's getting a new change from next week onwards, and the oh-so-precious 2 hour "protected time" block at the start of every Monday is - wait for it - GONE. No more sleeping in later on Sunday nights! On the other hand, Monday also ends earlier because the periods get shifted back accordingly.

1 Aug 2012

Re: "No hope for the world"

Well this is going to be interesting!

This is a first for both me and for another blogger, because I'm actually replying to her blog post. And I'm certain she hasn't had a long post response before. For some reason I've been getting these urges to write more on my blog lately, so in a way this is also a way to curb the cravings. This is totally not just a way to boost traffic to my site by associating my blog with a relatively more popular one. Totally.

As for the post in question (which I suggest you read the relevant content within if you hadn't already come from there), it's not merely just a senseless rant about how the world sucks as you might imply from the title, because there are good points in there that don't reflect well about human behaviour. And if people who have the power to make a difference are screwed up, how could you expect the world to survive much longer, let alone become a utopia?

Now I'm not disagreeing with her on all counts, because it's totally a fact that the world must end eventually. What I'm suggesting is that the fate of humans may not be so bleak as to expect apocalypse within the millenium, let alone the century. So here's my little dose of optimism, saying that the world isn't really that doomed.

(This sounds really weird when closely compared to my own cynicism in the previous post)