3 Jun 2012

Resumed Service

...and we're back! Okay, I am back.

So. The June... er... "holidays", or as I call them, "school-less days", have commenced. And you know what that means... right? Well for primary school students NOT taking PSLE, it means holiday programmes and vacations and fun and games and stuff! For secondary students NOT preparing for major exams like 'O' Levels, it means hanging out with classmates and having BBQ dinners and shopping together and fun and games and stuff! For JC students, and anybody else preparing for major exams, it's basically a time period for recuperation and revision and restructuring of the body and mind. Oh and extra project work for JC 1 students. Have fun!

I've also got other things on my mind too, like my piano exam. Again. And I'm clearly not alone on this, seeing two other people I know on Facebook also getting ready for ATCLs. I remembered that my ATCL exam was in a way a miracle come true, being inflicted with food poisoning and yet somehow keeping it all together and getting a distinction, which definitely still blows me away! Although if you had been looking through my older blog posts you would have already known about this.

So apart from studying for the mid-year tests(and all other tests ahead), I also need to prepare for this exam. And at the moment it may be my final piano exam I'll be taking indefinitely. Remember, I consider this year to be the year of resolutions. To tie up loose ends. To get things out of the way. Doesn't mean I'll completely give up piano though.

How I wish I could enjoy my school "holidays" like a younger kid again... when I didn't have to worry about mid-years so much or get swamped in graded project work, when there were more things I could get excited about, when I could actually go away on long — and I mean long — vacations. And do "non-productive" but fun stuff online too.

Alas that would have to wait... until the time when I can get more than one month's break :P