24 Jun 2012

Fighting the Beast

The beast still stands, bruised but not broken.

I haven't exactly fared much better either. The scars refuse to fade.

For too many times we've exchanged mutual blows, both to achieve our own individual aims. For me, this victory would earn me opportunities that'd help me gain more standing in society, but for the beast, its purpose seems ambiguous; it seems to want to help me accomplish my goal, just like for many others, but it doesn't want to give in so easily.

I'm getting tired of this battle, and I'm starting to see less meaning in this fight. This victory isn't supposed to mean everything to me, but many people pressure me to treat it as such, justifying by saying that those who have beautifully triumphed in similar matches have enjoyed great things later in their lives... which would have been great if so many people hadn't raised the bar so high.

18 Jun 2012


Today has seen a lot of Father's Day wishes all over the web. Some to show how awesome they are, some to express gratitude to their patient guidance over so many years, some to lament on how they could have spent more time wisely with their fathers. Some dads even got the nice gifts like ties, spatulas, power drills, watches, cameras etc.

And this made me wonder: will I ever receive such gifts and wishes in the future?

Usually I don't think that much about what lies ahead, but today it just struck me as something important. Will I ever want to be a father? Taking care of my own child/children and watching him/her/them grow up and accomplish stuff? Sound pretty darn ambitious, especially when factoring in all the costs involved. Are the benefits really worth all the effort? All the more this makes me feel even more appreciative of my own parents who willing made such a huge commitment!

14 Jun 2012


This all seems familiar to me, yet pretty different this time round.

I'm about to take my FTCL piano diploma exam in slightly less than 14 hours from now. I've done what I could. This time with higher standards, and no scoring system that I can check against to see just how well I've done. At least that simplifies things; I just need to focus on passing well, disregarding how "well" I will do.

As I'm here typing out this entry that I'm not entirely sure how to fill out and to wrap up neatly at this point, I recall the time I was preparing for my ATCL exam... while recovering in that clunky blue plastic cast around my leg. I'm the only person in my immediate family to ever get something fractured, let alone two fractures. (The first one was when I was really really young and I couldn't remember much about the arm injury) I was also in front of the same computer, also blogging the day away when I wasn't either practising the piano or doing holiday homework.

10 Jun 2012

Things I Have Learnt from Using the Internet

  • If you search online hard enough, eventually you'll find it... except for solutions to some computer problems.
  • Whatever software or file you are looking for, there's a free version of it somewhere... be it legal or otherwise.
  • Take everything you see on the Internet with a pinch of salt. Some content requires bags of it.
  • Trolls are everywhere. It's how we deal with them that's important.
  • Do some research before putting up comments or posts that'd very likely make you sound stupid.
  • Online news sources can be, and usually are faster than television broadcasts or the same news. Whether they're reliable is a different matter altogether.
  • If I can't watch a live event on TV, the Facebook and Twitter feeds give decent accounts of the event that I can refer to!

3 Jun 2012

Resumed Service

...and we're back! Okay, I am back.

So. The June... er... "holidays", or as I call them, "school-less days", have commenced. And you know what that means... right? Well for primary school students NOT taking PSLE, it means holiday programmes and vacations and fun and games and stuff! For secondary students NOT preparing for major exams like 'O' Levels, it means hanging out with classmates and having BBQ dinners and shopping together and fun and games and stuff! For JC students, and anybody else preparing for major exams, it's basically a time period for recuperation and revision and restructuring of the body and mind. Oh and extra project work for JC 1 students. Have fun!

I've also got other things on my mind too, like my piano exam. Again. And I'm clearly not alone on this, seeing two other people I know on Facebook also getting ready for ATCLs. I remembered that my ATCL exam was in a way a miracle come true, being inflicted with food poisoning and yet somehow keeping it all together and getting a distinction, which definitely still blows me away! Although if you had been looking through my older blog posts you would have already known about this.