18 May 2012

Past Entry 20

March 23rd 2012, about 12 pm

Well FINALLY I get to write yet another Past Entry! WHOO! I can't really remember when I did Past Entry 19, but I know it's been a looooooooooooong time. And I specifically waited until this very date to do this, for two reasons. One is that today I finally get to break from the string of Common Tests which I'm pretty certain I screwed up along with everybody else. The other is that... well... this date is *sort of kinda semi-related* to when this post will be published. 

And when will this post come up? Well on a very special date and time to me. Because on that very same day and time 4 years ago I put up the first post on this blog! I still sort of vaguely remember that time, when I just thought of setting up the blog because 1) I was extremely bored while being stuck at home with a broken ankle in a clunky plaster cast, and 2) so many of my classmates had blogs on their own, and I thought of trying it out. Who knew that even after 4 years I'll still be using the same blog? 

Across those four years I've certainly experienced many things, some wonderful, some not so much. I kinda feel that writing blog entries for so long has sort of helped me improve my writing skills to a certain extent. Knowing that there may be an audience in mind, I tried to make sure my blog entries were clear and interesting in order to be captivating. Not that I always forced myself to look for interesting things to talk about, but I try not to make myself sound like a super whiny blogger that rambles on about my life only. 

Actually that took a while for me to adjust away from that trend. Well it is true that a blog can be seen as a public diary, so I do have the right to complain about my life and write nothing else. But slowly I injected personal opinions on hot issues. Well I knew at some point I'll be doing this kind of essays requiring me to discuss certain general topics, so I might as well practise now right? 

Typing all these entries also kinda improved my touch-typing speed too :P

Apart from writing styles, I also tried to deviate away from design styles that mimic the typical teenager blog. You know, the custom menus and cursor, the big background image, the tiny text... Not that I wanted to get an edge over other "competitors", just that I didn't want to merely look like I'm blogging *only* for the sake of looking cool! I was genuinely interested in expressing certain opinions online to an unseen audience, and preferably with some genuine feedback/discussion involved.

Now I still feel amazed that I've managed to sustain the only blog I've had for 4 years and counting. How many of my classmates can say they've maintained the same blog address for 4 years? I know some who migrate their blog over the place to different platforms or just to new addresses but within the same platform, but somehow I've managed to stand my ground. 

I know sooner or later this blog will have a permanent end, and it would be quite an occasion to bid this blog goodbye forever. If it's because of Blogger somehow closing down I'll have no choice but to migrate everything to one of my backup sites. (Have you found all of my backup blogs yet? :P ) If it's because I've grown too tired to maintain a blogging routine like this or I've somehow had enough money and popularity to start an independent site for myself, then this blog will be frozen here like memories in crystal. Like a figurative collection of snapshots of an earlier part of my life just sitting there collecting metaphorical dust.

But that will definitely not happen any time soon. I'll definitely want to keep this going for as long as possible! It's become such a big part of my life that it's hard to give up so easily now that I've come this far. So here's to many more posts ahead! :D