20 May 2012


There she goes again, acting without care.

Her moderate pace as she meanders between the tables; the nonchalant expression on her face while other people stare at her; the occasional faint calls for attention when she gets lonely; that's what defines her.

Not everybody likes her; some repay the apathy received, a few avoid her like the Black Plague, but for the most part she's a loveable celebrity. And she has rightfully earned the well-deserving fame with her sweet looks and approachability. Some have tried many times to speculate just what goes on in that head of hers. Wondering about who all these strange people around her are? Thoughts of strange things that the average human cannot grasp? Or just a pure incorruptible mind that focuses on eating, sleeping, playing and exploring?

Who would have thought that through the merciful act of a few students providing an innocent creature with a safe haven, the school would see the emergence of an unofficial mascot? She is precisely the antithesis of what the ideal student in the school should be: carefree, lazy, not busy burying her head in books and worksheets... perhaps that's what some students like about her? Being entitled to possess all these privileges without being condemned?

I admit that at times I've been jealous of her, roaming around in a compound that houses people who are wrapped in tight routines and burnt out from attempting to meet tight deadlines. While others are wrapping their heads around concepts like quantum physics and organic chemistry, she can sleep the day away on many places like the scattered tables and benches. To live even just a week without worrying about slipping behind the rest or wasting precious time with dire consequences, that would be quite a nice experience. She can get to experience that for way longer. No need to fret over CCA matters. No need to sweat over meeting the CiP hours requirement. No need to pull out hairs over 'A' Level preparation.

Her influence is strong in the school, and even bleeds outside of it. Yet she has no official name, an enigma hidden in that small vessel of hers. Nobody's sure of her life before her appearance in the school, but nobody questions it. As humans we like to take in the now, to enjoy the present benefits: right now that's her presence and company.

But we know the hard fact that this will not last forever. One day she will no longer be around. The tragedy wouldn't be just in her loss, but that she will probably never comprehend the significant impact she would have made on so many people over the years. She is not the only one of her kind in the school, but she's certainly the most famous one of them all here.

Such is the life of a simple-minded carefree celebrity, just rolling along and enjoying the good life, unaware of the power she has...