6 May 2012

DJ Play My Song!

Well I've been having quite a bit of fun around in plug.dj!

Wait you say what's plug.dj? Well I'm glad you asked!

You know turntable.fm? Basically a site where people can host rooms and share music they like with others in the same room, essentially becoming a DJ to an audience. As they term it, a social music sharing platform.

The catch? It's US RESTRICTED, due to copyright issues. Obviously it's quite a bother to the rest of the non-US citizens... which you can tell is a much larger majority. There's where plug.dj steps in!

Plug.dj does have some common features with turntable.fm: you have a profile, you can host rooms for others to enter in and for you to share songs with others, and others can vote you up based on your song choices. The good thing is that plug.dj lets users pick their songs directly from Youtube or Soundcloud, or import playlists from other sites. This avoids a whole lot of copyright issues altogether since they're not actually hosting the copyrighted content directly, and makes plug.dj internationally accesible!

Another fun thing is that you have a cute avatar representing you on the room floor! Whenever you give a positive vote to the current DJ your avatar shows off its unique dance moves, which is pretty simple but nice eye candy. As you amass more points, and also gain more fans (people can become fans of other users that they like), you unlock more unique avatars to choose from. Also to add more social elements, there's a chat box neatly arranged on the right, with a special feature of translation! Yup, you can decide which language that others' foreign comments should be translated to automatically, although the feature is slightly buggy.

Even though it's still in beta, it's also fast gaining in popularity. So why not try it out? You do need a Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus account first though ;)