20 May 2012


There she goes again, acting without care.

Her moderate pace as she meanders between the tables; the nonchalant expression on her face while other people stare at her; the occasional faint calls for attention when she gets lonely; that's what defines her.

Not everybody likes her; some repay the apathy received, a few avoid her like the Black Plague, but for the most part she's a loveable celebrity. And she has rightfully earned the well-deserving fame with her sweet looks and approachability. Some have tried many times to speculate just what goes on in that head of hers. Wondering about who all these strange people around her are? Thoughts of strange things that the average human cannot grasp? Or just a pure incorruptible mind that focuses on eating, sleeping, playing and exploring?

18 May 2012

Past Entry 20

March 23rd 2012, about 12 pm

Well FINALLY I get to write yet another Past Entry! WHOO! I can't really remember when I did Past Entry 19, but I know it's been a looooooooooooong time. And I specifically waited until this very date to do this, for two reasons. One is that today I finally get to break from the string of Common Tests which I'm pretty certain I screwed up along with everybody else. The other is that... well... this date is *sort of kinda semi-related* to when this post will be published. 

And when will this post come up? Well on a very special date and time to me. Because on that very same day and time 4 years ago I put up the first post on this blog! I still sort of vaguely remember that time, when I just thought of setting up the blog because 1) I was extremely bored while being stuck at home with a broken ankle in a clunky plaster cast, and 2) so many of my classmates had blogs on their own, and I thought of trying it out. Who knew that even after 4 years I'll still be using the same blog? 

13 May 2012

Oh Mother!

Instead of giving a personal super detailed account of my relationship with my mother (which I think we'd both agree would not really benefit us in any way) I'm going to put up some quotes related to mothers. After many generations after generations of procreation, wouldn't you think people would know a lot about motherhood by now?

Children are the anchors of a mother's life. 
– Sophocles

The future destiny of a child is always the work of the mother. 
– Napoleon Bonaparte

A good mother is worth hundreds of schoolmasters. 
– George Herbert

If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? 
– Milton Berle

6 May 2012

DJ Play My Song!

Well I've been having quite a bit of fun around in plug.dj!

Wait you say what's plug.dj? Well I'm glad you asked!

You know turntable.fm? Basically a site where people can host rooms and share music they like with others in the same room, essentially becoming a DJ to an audience. As they term it, a social music sharing platform.

The catch? It's US RESTRICTED, due to copyright issues. Obviously it's quite a bother to the rest of the non-US citizens... which you can tell is a much larger majority. There's where plug.dj steps in!

1 May 2012

Blogger's Block

Hmm... I guess I have some free time before going to bed. I do need enough rest for school, but it's still considerably early!

...oh why not. I'll put up another blog entry even though it's not the weekend. Sure. I guess it'd be pleasant to provide willing readers more to read from my blog. It's not like I'm force-feeding them with my thoughts, right?

Well then, what to talk about... er...