1 Apr 2012

Last Words

I don't really like to end things that I've been attached to so tightly and for so long. And that itself is a very rare occurrence. 

I've been with this blog for... wow, almost 4 years already. I never expected, on the day I first created this blog, that it would carry on for this long. A fancy whim while stuck at home with a broken ankle in a cast. Yet it has seen me through good times and not-so-good moments. It has also followed me throughout a few landmark milestones of my life. 

I only wish that it can see through even more milestones that lie ahead for me.
There are a few reasons why I want to quit. The most important ones are that I need more time to prepare for two very important tests: my closer piano diploma FTCL test, and the further 'A' Level exams. Letting go of this blog means I get more time to focus on more important stuff(yes I know the blog is important to me, but my life's future is on the line here). Of course it wouldn't be just the blog, but other internet activities that I'm trying to wean myself off. 

Another is that it starts to feel old. When the posts were still reposted in my Facebook Notes, I didn't get much response. Perhaps the occasional "Like" or interesting comment, but those come very rarely. And when I stopped the reposting and just put up links to the original post, the response didn't exactly improve as much as I thought. I've been putting up so much here, and yet no sincere genuine responses to whatever I've posted. Not even in the chatbox in recent times. It's practically dead.

There are other somewhat vague and weird reasons. But that's all I think you need to know. If you're even bothering to read this.

So that's all. Sucks to have to type out the last post here, and letting all my work I've put into this blog just sit here eternally. And what a gloomy post it is.

Maybe in a much better future I'll come back and restore life in this creation I've spent hours on, and taken care of for almost 4 years.

Good bye. :'(  *cue sad music*

*sound of giant iron doors closing shut*

...Just kidding!

I really suck at making April Fool pranks, to be honest. Yet a part of me really hopes you got fooled!

Don't worry, I have absolutely NO intention of quitting at this point! Not yet! 

Sure I know not many people really interact with me here, but who cares! It's a way for me to speak my mind and clear some harboured thoughts out of my mind before they slip away. Also, the upcoming tests in this year will inevitably mean having to sacrifice some of my time into heavy preparation, but definitely NOT a permanent end to this precious blog! At most you'll see much shorter or irregular posts.

Once I get many things out of the way, I just might have interesting plans to spruce this blog up a bit. Hmm... ;)