18 Mar 2012

On Pirates & Papers

So here I am, whiling away what some deem as precious moments that could be spent on revision. Instead I am simultaneously typing out this entry and watching "So Fake" on TV. Pretty scary knowing that the cameraman could be caught any time while spying on the pirating activity. And possibly even get physical harmed. Certainly makes the next few days of common tests look slightly less serious and threatening.

And seeing black markets for pirated CDs reminds me of the effects of implemented price ceilings, whereby a persistent shortage is created and there are always customers who cannot get the good because of lack of supply by the producers. In this case there may be a few people who take advantage of the situation by buying up a LOT(if not all) the stock, then reselling it at a much higher price in the black market. This unfortunately goes against the intention of the price ceiling, which is to keep prices low in the first place!

That's a unique trait of humans; we have been, and still are, finding ways around obstacles, whether for good or for bad. Our ingenuity is both a gift whose usage should be encouraged and extended, but also a troublesome annoying trait to deal with when things go out of control. The pirated CD retailers and counterfeiters are pretty cunning with their techniques to avoid detection by police raids, but police are also getting smarter in the fight against piracy.

I don't think I have that same type of cunning to be able to outsmart anybody to save myself during the exams in the next week. Four tests on four subjects that include topics barely touched on for months. At least I already got Chinese out of the way, which gives me a free Friday to recuperate from the madness! My guess is that Economics would be a breeze to mark... as in there'll be scripts mostly from the extreme ends of the spectrum. Chemistry + Physics... I feel that's almost always hit and miss. Maths has a bit more hits than misses though. Overall: forecast hazy, but not likely to be exciting.

If I treat these few tests any seriously, I'd rather look at them as a mere check on myself rather than yet another standard to use in comparisons with other students. I don't really like the idea of seeing whom I beat and who beat me. Is it that important? Unless you're the childish type that would brag on and on about this even 20 years after graduation, always trying to find every opportunity to look out for that particular person you "defeated" and rub your achievement over his face, then I hope not. These tests were meant to serve as self-checks, to reveal just how much closer(or further) you are from your goal of an ideal score worthy of letting you into prestigious universities and granting you awesome jobs. Not another method of inflating your ego at the expense of hurting someone else's self-esteem.

And now the voice that probably belongs to someone else's head and not mine is telling me to go to sleep. And I say it doesn't belong in mine because I don't have a voice in my head. I can't hear any "guidance voice" that narrates my thoughts out, but instead they just come as thoughts. Nothing more. Strange? Maybe that's a sign I really need to be in bed, before I end up spouting more nonsense during the tests...