25 Mar 2012

Youth Lacking Drive?

Darn. I've blitzed through the exam blindly, and the past 3 days doesn't feel nearly enough for me to recover from the recent events. To be fair it is already one more day than the usual weekend, but still I don't feel rested enough. Maybe I'm getting more and more desensitised to breaks?

So once again I'll be pulled back into the mundane routine of school, and back on track in the quest to prepare myself for the vanquishing of the beast known as the 'A' Level examinations. But before that I might want to watch the finale of Singapore Talking, the issue being youths in Singapore today lacking drive and the reasons behind it. Pretty much what I've observed too, so I'm kinda curious. But first is the ongoing So Fake finale too, shedding light on counterfeit edible goods. Yick!

18 Mar 2012

On Pirates & Papers

So here I am, whiling away what some deem as precious moments that could be spent on revision. Instead I am simultaneously typing out this entry and watching "So Fake" on TV. Pretty scary knowing that the cameraman could be caught any time while spying on the pirating activity. And possibly even get physical harmed. Certainly makes the next few days of common tests look slightly less serious and threatening.

And seeing black markets for pirated CDs reminds me of the effects of implemented price ceilings, whereby a persistent shortage is created and there are always customers who cannot get the good because of lack of supply by the producers. In this case there may be a few people who take advantage of the situation by buying up a LOT(if not all) the stock, then reselling it at a much higher price in the black market. This unfortunately goes against the intention of the price ceiling, which is to keep prices low in the first place!

That's a unique trait of humans; we have been, and still are, finding ways around obstacles, whether for good or for bad. Our ingenuity is both a gift whose usage should be encouraged and extended, but also a troublesome annoying trait to deal with when things go out of control. The pirated CD retailers and counterfeiters are pretty cunning with their techniques to avoid detection by police raids, but police are also getting smarter in the fight against piracy.

11 Mar 2012

Marching On Ahead

And I've made it past the first school term of 2012. Lovely. I usually say that time really does breeze by too fast, but strangely enough this time I didn't feel it. I didn't feel the sudden disappearance of time in the blink of an eye. Does that mean I planned my time better this time???

I'm like about half an hour before entering the 5-day lesson-free period. I don't count the weekends because they aren't really affected by this so-called school "holiday". And truth be told, I know that no matter how hard I prepare during this period, it's unlikely for me to ace the first Common Test. Really, some of the tested topics were covered somewhere in the midst of last year. There's a lot more room for error in this case.

The journey so far is gradually wearing me down mentally. Primary school was such a blur; secondary school was, to put it briefly, the shift into higher gear; JC suddenly thrusts us into a drearily long marathon, constantly pushing us from behind. Even when secondary school introduced longer school days compared to primary school, I didn't feel that tied down. It's only in JC that I actually feel the drain of energy.

4 Mar 2012

Singaporean Values

FINALLY! After enduring for one extra year, I'm free from the burden of Mandarin! Most would expect that from here on I'll completely segregate myself from the language because I hate it so much. On the contrary, now I get to view the language as something of more value other than a way to fulfil prerequisites for university admission. This need not be the end of the relationship, but the improvement of one!

Meanwhile I recently read about an interesting survey that Straits Times conducted; about 500 people in Singapore were surveyed on how they prioritise personal values out of a list of 20. Results showed that honesty came out on top, followed by kindness, gratitude, fairness, forgiveness and empathy. At the bottom were curiosity, appreciation of beauty and excellence, creativity, spirituality, and courage. I don't really remember what were the other values in between, I should check later...