19 Feb 2012


The Internet has fallen sick and I can’t do anything about it at the moment. Luckily I remembered I still have this nifty program called Windows Live Writer, that I downloaded as a safeguard against such problems! So I can safely plan out my blog post first while offline, before publishing it again when the Internet connection’s restored.

I’ve managed to get a nasty pimple below my belly button that somehow developed into something worse without me doing anything to it. How does a place on my body that hardly comes into contact with anything get infected??? The last time I had a boil was probably a few months ago… I already had it the worst in primary school when they just popped up over the years on different parts of my body; my nose, cheek, chin, arms, thighs and knees. So I was surprised that it actually made a comeback only now.

Meanwhile it seems that the JC1 students in RI are finally slowing down and assimilating with the rest of us JC2 zombies. The poison is gradually draining away their energy; I start to see less of those orientation group congregations, and they start to walk with a slower heavier pace. And that’s even before the project work or the common tests!

I expect that there’s a similar poison among office workers. We tend to see the average (depressed) cubicle worker degrade from hyper enthusiastic fresh face, to fatigued overworked labourer with a fraction of his soul compared to his first day. After years of doing such mundane work to survive, and in some instances to support others too, just about anyone would lose the spark within him/her.

And that’s one of the things that concerns me too: would I eventually end up with a job that makes me satisfied and brings about decent rewards, or would I get stuck in an occupation that I’m so sick of but yet can’t do without? I thought that it would be convenient for me to take the path towards a music-related career, perhaps a private music teacher or a composer. Then I realise just how much the education system pressures the students to go for something more likely to be tied to great salaries, and less likely to be seen as a horrible means of survival in the urban jungle. I considered having two part-time jobs, one to bring in the dough and one to let me do what I like while bringing in some rewards. However I am really unsure if I can accomplish a feat like this…

The poison is almost inevitable for anyone who has to work. Monotony and peer influence are pretty effective in bringing a person’s energy level down. But once in a while an antidote comes along; someone who has strong resistance against the poison, someone who has an alarmingly optimistic view on most things coupled with an infectious joy. I hardly come across this kind of people. They either miraculously matched their likes with their work, or have already been taught from young to take on the world with smiles on their faces. Given the way Singapore’s education system tends to pigeon-hole youths into typical middle- to high-income common jobs for the sake of economic growth, the “antidote” people are getting killed off here. The spark is dimmed.

Even if the government does do initiatives that expose and promote “alternative” industries like gaming, aesthetics, creative engineering etc., the idea of grabbing the high-paying, “no-nonsense” orthodox job to stay ahead of the game is already passed on between the younger generations. The poison spreads even more, and more people end up with jobs that fit the society’s standards of a worker who will survive, but aren’t necessarily one that brings about the most satisfaction to the worker him/herself.

Not saying that the typical office or lab job is rubbish, but that Singapore should be more open-minded about youths taking the alternate career path. You can’t force them to change their interests. Besides, it is good for Singaporean labour to diversify across many industries for security, instead of solely concentrating on certain sectors due to pressure alone. And average happiness levels might increase! :P

...but will this happen any time soon? Seeing the way our schooling system is still doing its filtering process, perhaps not. This is a pretty strong poison after all…