8 Feb 2012

Past Entry 16

December 8th 2011

It's been quite some time since I've written the last Past Entry. I've been recently reminded to continue the Past Entries after seeing two pop up on my blog within days of each other. I really wonder if I could have chosen a better name for these Past Entries? Blasts From The Past? Sounds too cliché. Forgotten Pages From The Chronicle? Way too long and fantasy-like. Well nobody else has voiced their opinion on the name Past Entry yet so I'll just go along with it like I've done for the previous 15!

I suppose I could schedule this to be published two months later because that date happens to fall on a unique date, at least to me and a certain somebody close...

So the situation so far: Year 5's been done with, I have economics holiday homework, two tests to prepare for just before the reopening of school in 2012, and a pathetic "homecoming" event on the first day of school that thankfully starts on the second week of January. At least for the past few years in my education, the first day of school for the year meant no school lessons. Now even that luxury is gone due to the exponentially tighter deadline of the 'A' Levels. 

At this point there are some questions left unanswered regarding school: results for Project Work and Chinese. Those are still unrevealed at the time of writing, but I'll try to be optimistically hopeful. Though with higher stakes this is becoming an increasingly harder task...

Well December's the only time for me to truly let loose. No mid-years to fret about. No need to return for extra lessons. No squabbles with group members while trying to fix a nearly sinking boat. Just freedom from academia, and anticipation of two major holiday events. But I'm sure when this entry gets published I'll be back to my physically and mentally drained self, longing for these precious days that I'm currently going through. AND wishing that the Chinese New Year break lasted longer.

That reminds me, I've got to settle the Christmas music video playlist soon! Always been a tradition since the blog came up, but I've no idea how many people actually appreciate this annual special change. Still, no harm in spreading Christmas spirit through music :P