29 Feb 2012

Why the Extra Day?

I think most of us would have known that this year is different from most years because it's declared as a leap year. As far as we know, that means we get the extra day in February. But why exactly do we need to do this every four years?

Certainly it isn't meant to confuse people all over the world using this system, nor is it deliberately meant to short-change people in various ways, for instance having to work an extra day without pay in Australia! The short answer is that the standard year, or the time it takes for Earth to complete one revolution around the Sun, is roughly 365.25 days. If we don't add in the extra day, the calendar ends up losing one day every four years, which is bothersome.

However, the truth is we don't always add the extra day every four years! And why is that?

26 Feb 2012

Bracing for the Future

I feel pressure again. I'm already entering the 9th week of the first school term. It's really scary knowing how fast time goes when you don't want it to speed up. The exams are creeping up on me again. And speaking of exams, I'll be getting results for two subjects that I took last year soon. Even more things on my mind...

This final year is really a crux in my life(but not the only high point). It's the year where some important things head towards resolution. This is the final year I'll be in a school uniform(and transition into another one), and the year I'll be taking a piano recital diploma exam again. Probably the last piano exam I'll be having for quite a while because I don't know if I'll be able to pursue further in it. To prepare for a piano degree? Hmm...

19 Feb 2012


The Internet has fallen sick and I can’t do anything about it at the moment. Luckily I remembered I still have this nifty program called Windows Live Writer, that I downloaded as a safeguard against such problems! So I can safely plan out my blog post first while offline, before publishing it again when the Internet connection’s restored.

I’ve managed to get a nasty pimple below my belly button that somehow developed into something worse without me doing anything to it. How does a place on my body that hardly comes into contact with anything get infected??? The last time I had a boil was probably a few months ago… I already had it the worst in primary school when they just popped up over the years on different parts of my body; my nose, cheek, chin, arms, thighs and knees. So I was surprised that it actually made a comeback only now.

13 Feb 2012

Love Conquers All

Valentine's Day is creeping around the corner, and that means the surge of confessions and dates... and maybe proposals. Love is in the air, whether we like it or not. It's the day when couples get a special day to put in extra effort to strengthen their relationship, and for some singles to go forth and seek for the special soulmate. Unfortunately for those "Forever Alones"... just endure like I will.

However it'll also be another day to remember a legend who has recently passed; Whitney Houston was a superstar who has a whole repertoire of popular songs, including the legendary "I Will Always Love You" featured in the movie "The Bodyguard". Having dealt a battle with drugs, she passed away at the age of 48, right before she was due to perform at the pre-Grammy party. So in the midst of Valentine's Day, you can expect the aforementioned song, along with her other love songs, to sky-rocket in terms of dedications. Probably see her album flying off shelves too.

8 Feb 2012

Past Entry 16

December 8th 2011

It's been quite some time since I've written the last Past Entry. I've been recently reminded to continue the Past Entries after seeing two pop up on my blog within days of each other. I really wonder if I could have chosen a better name for these Past Entries? Blasts From The Past? Sounds too cliché. Forgotten Pages From The Chronicle? Way too long and fantasy-like. Well nobody else has voiced their opinion on the name Past Entry yet so I'll just go along with it like I've done for the previous 15!

I suppose I could schedule this to be published two months later because that date happens to fall on a unique date, at least to me and a certain somebody close...

5 Feb 2012

The Various Types of Youtube Commenters

Sure Youtube is a great place to put videos to enjoy. A major source of entertainment in this century so far, it's brought about billions of videos to the web where others can watch and laugh/cry/rage/be confused etc. But what fun is it if the posters who upload the videos can't interact with the viewers themselves? That's why the commenting system is another part of the magic. Of course after years of experiencing this, the generic patterns in popular comments start to surface. So here's a list of the more common ones:
  • "FIRST!!!1!: This commenter aims to be first to comment on the video. No one knows for sure why, but most speculate the reason to be a random sense of satisfaction and achievement gained from knowing you were the first comment on a (possibly soon-to-be viral) video. Of course his actions tend to be met with remarks like "Nobody cares" or "So?". Other times it starts the chain of ranking, where others scream out "2nd" or "4th" or "56th" for the heck of it. Note that the "FIRST!" guy isn't always successful at timing, and may land a later spot. That usually triggers even more comments on what a failure this commenter is.
  • "The commenter above/below me is X": Another one that may cause reactions or approvals from the crowd, depending on what the attribute X may be. If for example commenter A says he thinks the video sucks big time, then commenter B above him may say "the commenter below me has absolutely no sense of humour" or some other similar insult. Sometimes magic happens when a "commenter below me" comment becomes a top comment, while a "commenter above me" comment gets second place. E.g. Top comment: "The commenter below is a complete liar." Bottom comment: "The commenter above me is an honest guy." PARADOX!

3 Feb 2012

The Story Continues

Istoria: In the broad sense of its meaning, a story or a tale. More commonly used in the context of paintings, where the painter must, with subtle details, depict a complex narrative.

...more or less what this year's orientation theme in RI for the Year 5s means. Not sure if this really IS what the orientation leaders were trying to bring across. Maybe just the "story" part, not the painting.

For 4 days the batch of 2013 endured fatigue and bad weather, strengthened familiar relationships and forged new ones, and are finally released from their quest to save the day and restore peace to... whatever it is they were tasked to save. I'm sure all participants are relieved (and perhaps disappointed to some extent) to see the conclusion of the orientation programme. And coming from someone who generally dislikes orientation programmes, I don't know why I'm really doing this post. Perhaps to congratulate the orientation student leaders and other assistants for sacrificing precious lesson time to assimilate the Year 5s? There's no way I'll give up something so BIG just to do that.

One of the first things the newcomers had to learn is to forget about past rivalry between schools. The battles between RI and its other rival schools are now discarded, and now everyone works together and plays together as a new unified Raffles. Doesn't mean total abandonment of roots to their respective secondary schools though, NOBODY advises that. Too many precious memories attached.