20 Jan 2012

Past Entry 15

25 September 2011

Well hello there. I've just witnessed the finish of the Grand Prix race here in Singapore. Vettel's not confirmed champion yet, so things are still intense. Also I've just written a really lengthy post, partly in a sort of practice in preparation for the GP promotional exams in less than 2 days time.

Speaking of which, how will I do for the exams? Will I get promoted to Year 6? Or will I screw up really badly and have to retake an entire year from scratch?!? That's what I dread, because that would mean having to deal with the same boring topics all over again, and tackling the stupid PW segment one more time!!! Well even if I DID pass the promotional exams, that doesn't necessarily mean I'll also pass the HMT 'A' Level exams. Well if I pass the HCL promo exam there's a good chance I'll be fine later, but I'd never truly know what could happen. And retaking HCL is almost as dreadful as retaking PW, because next year the HCL syllabus will change dramatically! That would be a headache for me to re-digest the newly formatted information.

I'll try to be an optimist for now. Let's assume that I'll be in the clear and going on to Year 6. Then I'll probably be in a mixed state of euphoria and depression, the former from being glad that I'm not retaking a whole year, and the latter from the realisation that the holidays are over and I'm this closer to approaching the OTHER 'A' Level exams. And I'm not sure if the beginning of next year will be slow at first, considering that a good proportion of the batch students will be involved both in the Open House 2012 and the Orientation 2012 events. 

Well apart from normal school curriculum, and still on the assumption that I'm progressing into Year 6 without having to deal with HCL again, this will also be the time for me to start focusing on getting my next piano diploma. If I don't do it next year, it will be too late by the time I'm out of the army! And it'd ideally be in the middle of next year in June, otherwise it'd interfere with the 'A' Level exams which I certainly don't want.

It's mildly frightening knowing that how I'll do for the year-end exams will determine the circumstances I'll be in when I read this post again. That's just even more self-motivation to revise intensely and strive to do excel in those exams! 

So in chronological order it's the GP exams, followed by Chinese, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, before 'A' Level HMT and PW Oral Presentation. No choice but to just deal with them one at a time. I just wish they didn't cram both the GP and Chinese promotional exams on the same day! Well at least after the 15th of November I can definitely relax, although I'm assuming I'll actually pass all those written exams... >.<