9 Jan 2012

One More Year

Yup. One more year of education coming up. More specifically my last year in Raffles Institution if things go smoothly for 2012. And to "kick things off" there was the Homecoming 2012 event that occurred today. You know, the usual "it's so great to see you guys again" speech, the other "do your very best and enjoy your final year here" speech, the music performance, the montage of photos/clips to remind the batch of just how wonderful/terrifying 2011 was...

One unique thing that happened was the so-called class breakfast where classmates would sit together in the canteen with the CTs. Except we didn't actually eat breakfast with the CTs; they just met us and gave a quick few announcements before disappearing off. The rest of us just lingered around in the canteen, while the somewhat-average performers on the temporary stage in the canteen performed simple renditions of popular songs. Never bothered to queue up for the food as the line stretched out pretty long.

Somewhat interesting start to the term so far...? Well at the moment my new timetable looks significantly less cluttered than last year's, due to no more Project Work periods and the cutting down of Chinese periods. Now I NEVER have to stay back for lessons beyond 4 o' clock! :D

But as we all know, the workload would also proportionately(or even more) increase; I'd probably see more assignments and practices thrown at me this time. Showing the clips of the 2011 batch of J2s giving advice probably didn't help much, and might have even put more pressure on some people. ("The next year is going to be very tough! Your last chance to have fun would be about the first half of 2012, after that would be just intensive study!")

I'm really curious as to how 2012 will roll out. Perhaps this year might go out with a bang, in more ways than one. (DOOMSDAY IS NIGH) Maybe on December 21st a dragon from ancient times that was transported away from a portal by a spell, will reappear back on Earth and wreck havoc, and that could be how the world would end! Unless somebody with dragon blood (if we can find him/her quickly) rises up to the occasion to defeat the evil dragon. And with his/her Thu'um conjure something that mortal ears have not heard for centuries, or even millennia: