16 Jan 2012

The Dragon Cometh

Once again Chinese New Year is approaching again. Being the only Chinese-related holiday that's celebrated in Singapore as a public holiday, a lot of us are excited. Or at least supposed to be. With four more days to the long weekend for Singaporeans, most of us are getting things planned quickly; applying for off-days to extend the break, finishing off work before the weekend, doing spring cleaning and planning for reunion dinners etc. 

This year would also be the year that Chinese couples may try to conceive a child to earn the prestigious title of the parents of a "dragon baby". And also the year where there'll probably be a surge in students taking PSLE near the end of the year.
There is speculation that this Year of the Dragon would be a challenging one for most of us. Aside from doomsday predictions, 2012 may be another year where recession kicks in again. And according to Chinese horoscopes, I seem to be in for more hazards ahead, which could be worrying considering what I need to ultimately deal with in November. But that's still considerably far into the future. For now I can look forward to celebrating the Lunar New Year with relatives once more. However it feels to me that the celebrations have kind of toned down on the paternal side, after my grandfather's passing. It's as though we no longer have such a strong reason to reunite together again.

That doesn't mean I can't enjoy the holiday break still. It may still be within the first month of 2012, but already I feel like I need a vacation! Especially when I know that almost immediately after the break there'll be more work and tests waiting to strike like a hidden dragon...