24 Jan 2012


...erm... yeah...

...so, where are you from?

Hello? I said where are you from?

Oh, you're from there? Huh.

...what? No I wasn't making fun of you! It's just... I knew someone from there once.
He used to do stuff with me, not sure why he's stopped seeing me now...

...what kind of stuff? Err... you know, hang out, eat lunch, what friends usually do. That's why I've been to that place quite a number of times.

How do I find it? Well... I guess it's okay... it's just a nice place for us to hang out.

Let's talk about something else, what do you like?

Oh okay. I also had a friend that had similar hobbies, she used to talk on and on about -

Oh crap, I'm doing it again! Really sorry, I just like to talk about my friends a lot. They're the ones that like to listen and converse with me.

Nononononono! I'm not insulting you, it's just that they're really sociable guys that really like to listen to others! 

(ARGH! I really should watch my mouth! Stupid oaf!)

...maybe you should ask me some questions instead? Sounds good?

What do I like? Well I'm pretty boring actually, so I pretty much like doing normal chatting with others. Like what we're doing now. And I sorta like music.

...Nothing else. Like I said, I'm pretty boring, heh. (For goodness sake STOP degrading yourself!)

...You've gotta go now? I didn't hear your phon- it's on silent? Okay. Well take care then, see you soon...

...sigh... I'm so hopeless at this...