1 Jan 2012

2011 + 1

Welp. We made it. Humanity has survived another long(short to some) year on Earth. Thankfully we haven't been wiped out yet.

Well technically the other side of the world hasn't reached 2012 yet. That's when I engage in one of my recent traditions: witnessing the New Year Ball drop in New York. Thanks to the wonders of technology I won't be needing to teleport over there or buy an emergency flight ticket, but instead watching a live stream of the event. And I get to interact with others online in the chat room too!

Unlike previous years I'm currently not at home at midnight of the first day of 2012, but I'm with my family at another countdown dinner at some country club. Might be better than cooping up at home watching the TV while surfing the net. Or not?

Thankfully this year I don't start school immediately on this coming week, but the week after instead. At least gives me time to prepare for the weird surprises in store. Although more often than not I always forget something. I probably still don't know what it is at this point.

So to celebrate the arrival of 2012, here's a rendition of the popular song that gets sung almost every New Year's Day: